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Sacred Square (theme)

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Sacred Square
Sample of "Sacred Square" from Kirby Star Allies.
Debut appearance Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa[1]
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"Sacred Square"[derived from Japanese] is a stage theme from Kirby Star Allies that plays in most areas of Sacred Square. It was composed by Jun Ishikawa.[1]


The Friend Platform at Sacred Square.

"Sacred Square" is a resolute theme in C minor and 4/4. It begins with a country-styled banjo intro. The melody begins with a whistle-like flute. Its phrases are long, with its long notes lasting near two bars each. The beginning of the first phrase starts with a rising fourth similar to "Green Greens", but quickly shifts to E-flat major. The second phrase mirrors it and returns to C minor through subdominant, an octave below the original. The melody repeats from this new pitch, but the first phrase is cut short by a bar, causing structural irregularity. Continuing is a clarinet's solo, which has similar phrases, now with a tendency to end on an elevated note. The brass brings down the melody lower, where it gains a warmer timbre. The bar skip is repeated here. Then, the melody gains march-like properties, and descending from a G, it returns to its tonic.

The banjo solo returns once more. The first section repeats in a lower register, with additional responses from previous lead instruments, and stronger percussion. The melody now rises with the subsequent iteration. Nearing the equivalent of the second section, a less clearly defined whistle blows. The final iteration is played by a violin, which once again ends in a descending passage. The track loops from there.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セイントスクエアーズ[2]
Seinto Sukueāzu
Saint Squares