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The following page lists every user rank on WiKirby, and also lists members of that rank where appropriate. Ranks are ordered in ascending order (except for those listed under "Other").

Generally speaking, users of lower ranks should defer to those of higher ranks when called to do so. This is usually not necessary, however, and users of differing ranks are free to treat each-other as equals in most cases.

Non-staff ranks

The following ranks are not part of staff, and therefore, should not be approached to handle staff business:


Blocked users of any rank are not allowed to edit articles, and (unless permanently blocked) may only edit their talk pages. Blocked users must either wait out their block time (if appropriate) or have their block removed by an Administrator+.


Anonymous users are those who have not yet made an account on the wiki. In place of a user name, these users will be marked using the I.P. address used to make the edit. These users have the following privileges on the wiki:

  • editing pages.
  • editing talk pages.


Registered users who have either recently signed up to the wiki or have not made very many edits yet are referred to as unconfirmed. In addition to the above, these users have the following privileges on the wiki:

  • voting in polls.
  • having a talk page.
  • creating talk pages.


Once an unconfirmed user has been registered for at least one (1) day and has made five (5) edits to any page, they will become autoconfirmed. In addition to the above, Autoconfirmed users have the following privileges:

  • creating new content pages.
  • uploading files.
  • moving pages and files.
  • creating a userpage.
    • uploading up to 5 personal items to their userpage (details on this page).
  • creating a custom user signature.
  • editing without moderation.


A user who holds a high ranking position on another affiliated wiki or other site may hold this rank. As with diplomatic ambassadors between sovereign nations, Wiki Ambassadors represent their home wikis at WiKirby. These are trusted individuals. An ambassador can be assumed to be knowledgeable enough for any general wiki help, but not entirely familiar with WiKirby specific policy and practices. Ambassadors do not have any hard privileges above prior ranks.

Generally speaking, in order to qualify as an ambassador, a user must either be an administrator or higher on their home wiki, or otherwise have been nominated by their home wiki or other site to serve that role.

Current Ambassadors

Name Home Wiki Status
Alex95 Super Mario Wiki Active
Dkpat Golden Sun Universe Inactive
Moydow Fire Emblem Wiki Inactive
RingtailedFox Lylat Wiki Inactive
Serpent King Smash Wiki Inactive
Sunmarsh Nookipedia Active
Tacopill Lylat Wiki Active
Toomai Smash Wiki Active


SKC Mini Bronze.png
Autopatrol users have this icon on their userpages.

Users in this category are trusted, and their edits do not need to be patrolled as a result. Additionally, users who have this rank and higher are allowed to vote on proposals and mark files (not articles) as Good in accordance with the featured content policy. The qualifications for this rank are not high: all that's needed is a good editing spirit, and a user can obtain this within the first day of editing if they do particularly well.

Staff ranks

The following ranks should be approached to handle staff business, but priority should be given to Administrators+ when they are available:


SKC Mini Silver.png
Patrollers have this icon on their userpages.

Patrollers are highly trusted users dedicated to making sure that every edit is of passable quality. As such, they receive special tools to assist them in checking each and every edit made to the wiki. Patrollers are recognizable by their purple user names. In addition to above, Patrollers have the following powers:

  • mark others' edits as patrolled.
  • rollback all edits of a page by a single user to the last revision by the previous user.
  • mark articles and files as "Good" in accordance with WiKirby's featured content policy.

Current Patrollers

Name Position Status
AdieuLain Patroller Inactive
Hexelectron Patroller Active
Iliekchez Patroller Inactive
Luigi1234 Patroller Active
Pandakekok9 Patroller Active
Scrooge200 Patroller Active


SKC Mini Gold.png
Moderators have this icon on their userpages.

Moderators are senior Patrollers who have the power to moderate incoming edits from anonymous and new users. They also have the authority to settle disputes between users of Patroller standing and below. Moderators are recognizable by their orange user names.

Current Moderators

Name Position Status
Kirb Moderator Active
MetaDragon Moderator Active
Pinkyoshifan Moderator Active
Superbound Moderator Active


SKC Mini Platinum.png
Administrators and above have this icon on their userpages.

Administrators are the first rank of truly powerful editors of WiKirby. They are responsible for maintaining content on the wiki, including the main page, project pages, archives, and help pages. Administrators are also responsible for overseeing polls and settling disputes between users when necessary. All members of higher ranks are also administrators. Administrators can be recognized by their cyan user names.

Abilities of an administrator

  • Protect/unprotect pages: They can lock a page from editing if it is the subject of controversy and edit wars, or if it repeatedly vandalized. User pages are generally not protected barring special conditions.
  • Delete/undelete pages: They have the ability to delete pages in accordance with the deletion policy. Pages are usually not deleted unless they have no relevance.
  • Move pages without redirect: They are the only ones with the ability to move pages and files without leaving a redirect. This is to prevent someone from changing an article's name and creating a great deal of red links.
  • Block/unblock users: If a user is deemed to be a vandal or is repeatedly creating conflicts and problems, an administrator can block the user to prevent them from editing. Most blocks are temporary and depend on the length of the offense. For specific policy, see the block policy page.
  • Hide revisions of a page which are inappropriate: Sometimes, vandals insert swears into articles or create other problems that are inappropriate for viewing. Administrators have the ability to hide these revisions in the history of the page.
  • Change user rights: Administrators have the ability to grant higher ranks to users up to Patroller. Promotions to Patroller should be verified by Bureaucrats.
  • Rollback vandalism or problem edits: Administrators can quickly revert all revisions of a page by a certain user to the last edit made by the previous user. This is usually only used in cases of vandalism.

Current Administrators

Name Position Status
Gigi Editor-in-Chief, Bureaucrat, and Administrator Active
Obsessive Mario Fan Administrator Active
Owencrazyboy17 Administrator Active
Samwell Bureaucrat and Administrator Inactive
StarPunch Administrator Active
Tacopill Bureaucrat, Administrator, and Webspace owner Active (though not on the wiki itself)
Tech Support In-Training Will be here soon
Vellidragon Bureaucrat and Administrator Inactive
YoshiFlutterJump Bureaucrat and Administrator Inactive


Bureaucrats can be considered the heads of the wiki. They can be recognized by their pink user names. Although there is not much to distinguish them from administrators, they have the following additional powers and responsibilities:

  • the ability to rename and delete users from the wiki.
  • the power to review administrator actions if need be.
  • the power to assign any rank to a user, including Bureaucrat.

Among the bureaucrats, one is appointed as the Editor-in-Chief via popular poll. The Editor-in-Chief can be considered the head of the entire wiki operation, and is subservient only to the site owner. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for defining and enforcing wiki policy, and as such, other Bureaucrats must defer to them when regarding such matters.


Other ranks that are not part of the hierarchy include the following:

  • Automoderated User - This rank allows users to edit without having to pass through the moderation queue. This rank is/should be granted to all autoconfirmed users. If for some reason an autoconfirmed+ user does not have this rank, they should contact an Administrator+ to get that resolved.
  • Bot - These are not human users, instead existing to perform some automated function on the wiki.
  • Check user - This rank allows users to track down the accounts of spammers and/or vandals when necessary.
  • Interface administrator - This rank grants a user the right to edit MediaWiki-prefix pages in order to adjust the hard coding on the site.
  • System Admin - This rank is for the user who is primarily responsible for keeping WiKirby afloat. The System Admin is not necessarily part of the wiki staff, but should still be deferred to when appropriate.
  • Tech Support - This rank is for users who work behind the scenes to keep the wiki operational. They are not considered part of staff and instead adhere to the System Admin.

Former staff

The following users are no longer part of staff, usually due to inactivity. Users in this table are free to return to staff if they so choose unless otherwise noted:

Name Position Status
Adam Bureaucrat and Administrator Inactive (formerly behind the scenes tech work)
Austin Head Patroller Inactive
Axiomist Bureaucrat and Administrator, former wiki owner Passed away
Cipriano 119 Patroller Inactive
Edofenrir Administrator Inactive
FalcoLau Administrator Inactive
JRJ007 Patroller Inactive
Raltseye Patroller Inactive
Remino52 Patroller Inactive
Results May Vary Administrator Blocked (not allowed to return to staff position)
Steve Administrator Inactive
T.c.w7468 Administrator Inactive
Trig Jegman Administrator Retired
Tucayo Ambassador of Mario Wiki Inactive

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