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File information

This template is an altered version of Template:File taken from Wars Wiki.


|description=A brief summary describing the file's contents.
|game=The game the file belongs to, if it does. This will automatically link and categorize the file for the game added.
|media=For any files not belonging to a game, or that should not have an automatic link generated, use this parameter instead of game=.
|modified=Any significant changes made to images should be optionally listed here.
|type=The type of file in the image. The available types are the following:

*audio (For audio files)
*photo (For real-world images)
*sprite (For sprites)
*screenshot (For user-generated screenshots for video games or web pages)
*officialscreenshot (For officially released screenshots, usually promotional material)
*officialmiiverse (For any Miiverse posts by official Kirby sources)
*officialaudio (For any audio published by HAL or Nintendo)
*map (For maps)
*flag (For real-world country flags)
*model (For 3-D Models)
*artwork (For any artwork)
*boxart (For any physical box art, or cover art that serves as a substitute–particularly for online-only games)
*albumart (For any soundtrack album cover art, physical or digital)
*logo (For any logos)
*user (For user images)
*userbox (For any images specific to userboxes)
*tv (For screenshots of television or video media, particularly of the Anime series)
*scan (For scans of physical media or digital copies of printed work)
*wiki (For images relating to Wikirby as a platform)
*food (For real-world images or audio involving Kirby Café)
*commemorative (For Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustrations)
*ppp (For Channel PPP Twitter posts)
*directory (For Dedede Directory Twitter posts)
*gamereports (For game-based report Twitter posts)
*rating (For real-world game ratings, such as ESRB, PEGI or CERO)

Adding this parameter will automatically categorize the file with its type, as well as automatically generate the license= parameter.
|game2=Optional, additional games the image comes from, up to four with game3 and game4.
|type2=Optional, for images with more than one type, up to four with type3 and type4.
|user=Uploading user. This is for use with User upload types, or for sourcing.

|source=The source of the image. For images captured/created by yourself, enter "self" instead. For images uploaded by another user, enter "user". For files sourced from a FANDOM wiki, enter "fandom". For files sourced from a press kit, enter "presskit". If a file has no known source, leave this parameter blank and it will be categorized in an unsourced files category. Additionally, "youtube" can be entered if the source video is unknown on a previously uploaded file; it should not be used if the video in question can be linked (do not use it on any new files).

|license=If the type= parameter is filled, this parameter does not need filled out. This should be reserved for special cases like Creative Commons or Public Domain files.