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Help:Formatting file pages

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After learning the basics of file uploading, an editor should next wish to learn more about what to place in the summary box of any uploaded files (referred to from here on out as the Aboutfile template). This is a basic guide on formatting file pages, and using the aboutfile template in particular.

How to use aboutfile

I've never used this template before

Aboutfile is the primary image template WiKirby uses to provide information on its File pages. This template does a lot in order to help organize files on your behalf, instead of you having to manually write a lot of things on your own. An example of the empty aboutfile template (which appears automatically in the summary box when uploading a new file) is as follows:


Now, when actually filling out these parameters, you will almost certainly not need all of them, and many should be deleted when going through the template upon uploading. Lets look at each parameter and what they mean, and how each should be filled out.

  • |description=: This parameter is for writing a summary of what the file contains. A file description should be short and concise, requiring no more than one sentence to explain. For example, a piece of artwork of Kirby from Kirby Super Star Ultra could simply be described as "Artwork of Kirby from Kirby Super Star Ultra."
  • |game= and |media=: These two parameters are an either/or situation. Primarily, |game should be used for any single-game images. Only the direct American name of the game should be entered into this parameter (IE |game=Kirby Super Star) with no additional formatting. Entering a game into the |game= parameter will do two main things: An italicized link will be generated pointing to the game, and the file will be added to the appropriate game category. A file with "|game=Kirby & The Amazing Mirror" will display "Kirby & The Amazing Mirror" and it will be added to the Kirby & The Amazing Mirror images category. If a game is not the subject, multiple games are the subject, or automatic links won't work/aren't wanted, use the |media= parameter instead. Regardless of what parameter is selected, the other should be removed.
  • |modified=: This parameter is optional, and if not used should be deleted. This is primarily for files with significant edits or changes to them. Was a background removed? Is the image upscaled? Were arrows and numbers made for an informational diagram? If so, say so in this parameter. Filling this parameter will automatically place the file in the doctored images category.
  • |type= and |type2=: This parameter covers a lot of things at once. Primarily, this parameter is to indicate what type of file it is! The list of types is the following:
    • audio (For audio files)
    • photo (For real-world images)
    • sprite (For sprites)
    • screenshot (For user-generated screenshots for video games or web pages)
    • officialscreenshot (For officially released screenshots, usually promotional material)
    • officialmiiverse (For any Miiverse posts by official Kirby sources)
    • officialaudio (For any audio published by HAL or Nintendo)
    • map (For maps)
    • flag (For real-world country flags)
    • model (For 3-D Models)
    • artwork (For any artwork)
    • boxart (For any physical box art, or cover art that serves as a substitute–particularly for online-only games)
    • albumart (For any physical cover art for released CD soundtracks or other music release)
    • logo (For game or series logos)
    • user (For user images)
    • tv (For screenshots of television or video media, particularly of the Anime series)
    • scan (For scans of physical media or digital copies of printed work)
    • wiki (For images relating to Wikirby as a platform)
    • food (For real-world images involving Kirby Café)
    • commemorative (for Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustrations)
    • ppp (For Channel PPP Twitter posts)
    • directory (For Dedede Directory Twitter posts)
    • gamereports (For all other Twitter posts)
    • rating (For real-world game ratings, such as ESRB or CERO)
    • video (For video clips created by the uploader)
Filling out this section will do several things in addition to specifying the file type. First, it will add the file into its respective category. A |type=screenshot will add the file to the Category:Screenshots. Additionally, filling out this parameter automatically gives the file a license, which is extremely important for fair use purposes. If two types are necessary, |type2= can be used. If not, |type2= can be deleted.
  • |source=: This is a very important parameter. If you have a file that wasn't directly taken by yourself, it needs to be written or linked here. If you captured the file yourself, use |source=self. For images captured by other people, use |source=user and fill the next parameter below. You can read more about sourcing files on the Sourcing standards page.
  • |user=: This parameter is unlikely to be used. It should only be filled with the name of the user for people that use |source=user or |type=user. For example, if Samwell was the source of an image, you would enter |source=user and user=Samwell.
  • |license=: This parameter is unlikely to be used. It is automatically filled in if the |type= parameter is filled out, and can usually be deleted. The only reason this parameter should be filled out is if a file should be licensed in any way other than fair use, such as public domain, creative commons, or something else.

Keep in mind that this is page is not an exhaustive list of every parameter or item that can be used for this template. For more information, see the {{Aboutfile}} template documentation and/or contact an Administrator on proper usage.

I used Aboutfile 1.0 before

The Aboutfile 2.0 update brings a lot of new changes to the table, making the template a multi-use tool, where most components are controlled through the Aboutfile template instead of the former system of Aboutfile and Licensing templates and manually written categories.

The formatting to writing the template is the same, there are just new parameters from before.

  • |description= Still functions the exact same as before. Describe the file here.
  • |game= and |media= function relatively the same, but have a critical change from before. Aboutfile 2.0 automatically will link and italicize a file written in the |game= parameter, as well as automatically categorize the file to the game written. |media will do none of these things and media/categories will need to be manually written.
  • |modified= Still the same as before, except that filling this parameter will now place the image automatically in the Doctored images category. Are there significant edits to the photo done? Add it here.
  • |type= and |type2= This is the largest new addition to Aboutfile 2.0. This parameter replaces the former licensing templates like {{game screenshot}} or {{artwork}} by integrating it directly into the template. Most of the names of the types are identical to the old licensing templates. |type=artwork is the same as {{artwork}}. Type will also automatically categorize the file based off of its type, so |type=artwork will add to Category:Artwork. In cases where a file might apply to two different types, type2= enables a second type+category to be added. There is no priority or hierarchy to the order types are entered (IE type= is not more important than |type2=). This section should ALWAYS be filled out. If there is no type given, the file will be added to a maintenance category to be fixed as soon as possible.
  • |source= works the same way as before, with some new additions. For self-ripped or generated uploads, use |source=self. For files sourced from Kirby Wiki FANDOM, use |source=fandom (which will add to maintenance category). If there is no known source, leave this section blank! It will automatically be added to the unsourced files category, in lieu of using the old {{File Source}} template. Lastly, if a user uploads a new revision of a file but isn't the source (IE optimizations or new re-takes of a file), utilize |source=user and read the following parameter.
  • |user= This is a somewhat rare and optional parameter that should only be used for |source=user sources, or for type=user files. This is how to indicate User images with a file search, in replacement of the former {{Personal Media}} template.
  • |license is an optional parameter. In most circumstances, this will automatically be filled out as copyrighted fair use if anything is entered for the type= parameter. If a file needs a different type of license, such as Public Domain or Creative Commons, only then should this parameter be filled out.


At the bottom of the summary page, the editor can add additional categories for the uploaded file to appear in. If the Aboutfile box was properly filled in, the image will already be added to appropriate categories for the source game, type of file, or other utility categories as mentioned above. Often, however, other categories should be added at the bottom of the edit window outside of the Aboutfile template itself. Here are a few examples of extraneous categories that are fairly commonly used:

For more information about categories, see the Category policy page.

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