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After learning the basics of file uploading, an editor should next wish to learn more about what to place in the summary box of any uploaded files. This is a basic guide on formatting file pages.

There are only three major pieces regarding what to place in a summary box. They are as follows:

  • Description - a basic description of what the file is and, where appropriate, where it was retrieved.
  • Categories - which categories to use in the summary.
  • License - any appropriate license which should be placed on the file.


A file description should be short and concise, requiring no more than one sentence to explain. For an example, take this image:

Battle Royale Wallpaper.jpg

The description for this file reads as follows:

"Large promotional poster for Kirby Battle Royale used on the box art of the game depicting Kirbys battling in the Battle Arena."

The description explains what type of image it is, which game it belongs to, and what is contained in the image. Excessive detail is not necessary (and discouraged) in most cases.

File sourcing

If it is not obvious where a file came from (i.e. if a file is not readily associable with a game or did not come from one), it is often necessary to source the file. This is done differently depending on where the file is sourced from. For example, an illustration from a manual or artbook ought to be cited by referencing the full title of the book and the page the illustration appears on.

For another example, a file that is taken directly from another website should have a URL linking back to that source site. This is generally not necessary for images from other wikis, but is still encouraged.


At the bottom of the summary page, the editor can add categories for the uploaded file to appear in. All files must belong to at least one category, preferably more if the file is from a Kirby game or other source. The following are some of the more common categories to use:

For more information about categories, see the Category policy page.


When uploading a file, it is often necessary to apply an appropriate license to it. There are seven different copyright licensing templates, three non-copyright license templates, and one other to choose from. They are as follows:

Copyright licenses

  • Copyrighted artwork - a template for use on artwork taken from official video game promotional material.
  • Copyrighted audio - a template for use on audio files taken from official video game material, in-game or otherwise.
  • Game box art - a template for use on uploaded game box artwork.
  • Ripped in-game models - a template for use on images of isolated video game models.
  • in-game screenshots - a template for use on screenshots from video games and other media.
  • Ripped in-game sprites - a template for use on isolated object sprites from video games.
  • Photographs - a template for use on copyrighted photographs of real world subjects.
  • Other copyrighted images - a general purpose copyright template that can be used for any image. This is preferably used for images whose type cannot be clearly discerned.

Non-Copyright licenses

  • Entirely your own work - a template for material the editor created personally.
  • Another individual's work - a template for material the editor retrieved from an individual (non-corporate or government) entity. (permission must be obtained to upload such material)
  • Public domain - a template for material that is officially in the public domain.


  • Taken off a Wikimedia site - a template for material retrieved from Wikipedia and other related official Wikimedia sites.