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Star Lavadom (theme)

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Star Lavadom (theme)
"Star Lavadom" from Kirby Star Allies.
Debut appearance Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa[1]
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"Star Lavadom"[derived from Japanese] is the theme for the stage of the same name in Kirby Star Allies, as well as Sizzlai Moon. It was composed by Jun Ishikawa.[1]


Kirby exploring the new star.

"Star Lavadom" is an intense and dramatic track set primarily in the key of A minor. It is similar to Mountains in an Angry Sky, as well the other lava theme of Kirby Star Allies, Nature's Navel.

It starts with a short but intense intro, establishing key instruments of the song, in particular its heavy percussion, that persists for the whole song. It then moves to its first section, in which the main melody is played by a brass instrument at first, then a violin, while quieter instruments respond to the melody at the end of every four bars. This pattern is broken on the fourth time, prompting the song to switch to a more complex melody that is played by an electric guitar and ends with a brass instrument. The previous section is repeated, starting with a violin, then a woodwind instrument; the responses happen again three times, and the fourth four-bar group transitions the song to the complex part played by a brass instrument and a flute at the same time. It then goes to its last section, which features much shorter notes played by different wind instruments one after another, with a brass instrument at first. It ends with an electric guitar that in contrast plays longer notes, reassembling more the melody of the section before, immediately followed by a melody-less bar in which the percussion ends the song, making it loop back to the intro.


  • At the beginning of development, "Star Lavadom" and "Nature's Navel" were used in opposite stages. Composer Jun Ishikawa wished to switch the songs, but before he could ask if that could be done, director Shinya Kumazaki suggested the same to him, and so it was done.[2] This is reflected in the songs' file names: "Star Lavadom" is named ECL_LP_ECFIRESTEP1, while "Nature's Navel" is named ECL_LP_ECFIRESTEP2.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 新星ドルムアーツ[3]
shinsei dorumuātsu
New Star Dorumuatsu
The Japanese name of Star Lavadom.