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Butch Art.png
Artwork of Butch from Kirby's Dream Land 2.
Debut Game Kirby's Dream Land 2
Copy Ability None
Similar Entities Axe Knight, Masher, Blade
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KDL2Butch.png Butch is an enemy that only appears in Kirby's Dream Land 2. Its general appearance is almost precisely the same as that of Axe Knight's, besides an altered color scheme and a lack of horns. Throughout the game, it is often seen carrying a large, double-bladed battle axe, with which it uses to attack Kirby. As well, it sports a small, cubic helmet, portraying a skull-like decal across the frontal plate. Its overall body profile is squat, and spherical around, with four small, ball-shaped limbs.

During the game, Butch generally stands in one fixed spot, pacing back and forth slightly. It possesses a wide arsenal of attack possibilities at its disposal, including swinging its axe in a wide arc, hurling the weapon, possibly having it explode, or throwing it in a boomerang-like fashion. Butch typically appears in a small, enclosed rooms, where it guards a small sack, containing one of Kirby's Animal Friends. It cannot be inhaled, or grant Kirby a Copy Ability, and must be defeated through the use of an Air Bullet, or other Copy Ability in order to successfully rescue the Friend.