Dark Castle - Stage 8

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Dark Castle - Stage 8
KDL2 Dedede Fight 1.png
King Dedede is a bad sport who sleeps during his fight.
Host level Dark Castle
Stage Nr. 8
Animal Friend(s) Xmark.png
Rainbow Drop? Xmark.png
Mid-Boss(es) Xmark.png
Stage progression
Stage 7 Last stage
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Dark Castle - Stage 8 is the final stage of Dark Castle and of Kirby's Dream Land 2. This stage begins with a battle against King Dedede, who appears to be fighting in his sleep. There is no Bonus Chance for this stage.

Final? Boss: King Dedede[edit]

Main article: King Dedede

The stage begins with a climb up a silent tower. At the bottom, an Energy Drink can be found in a pool of water. The door to the boss's chamber can be found above. At the top, Kirby must contend with King Dedede, who appears to be sleepwalking (and sleep-fighting). His attacks are mild when he's asleep, but he may occasionally wake up and go berserk.

When Dedede is defeated, he staggers to the middle of the arena and falls over. If Kirby did not collect all of the Rainbow Drops before this point, a False Ending will initiate. Otherwise, Dark Matter will emerge from Dedede's body, and Kirby will form the drops into the Rainbow Sword. Once the sword is formed, Kirby will grab onto it, and be whisked into the sky after the true foe.

Final Boss: Dark Matter[edit]

Main article: Dark Matter

Once in the air, Kirby and Dark Matter begin their fight. Dark Matter fights in two phases - one as his swordsman form, and the second in his true eyeball form. Each form has a separate life-bar, and if Kirby fails at any point, both will have to be fought again.

Dark Matter attacks by charging, tossing orbs, and shooting lasers and bolts of lightning. Kirby can swipe at him directly using the sword, or can knock the orbs back at him to deal more damage. However, in Dark Matter's second phase, both combatants are falling from the sky, so the player doesn't have much time to react as Kirby fights Dark Matter. Should Kirby take too long to defeat Dark Matter, he will burn up in Popstar's atmosphere.

Once both forms are defeated, the level, and subsequently the game, is complete.