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Ripple Field - Stage 2 (Kirby's Dream Land 2)

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Ripple Field - Stage 2
KDL2 Ripple Field 2-7.png
Kine helps Kirby fight the current in Stage 2.
Host level Ripple Field
Stage Nr. 2
Animal Friend(s) Kine
Rainbow Drop? No
Mid-Boss(es) Master Green
Stage progression
Stage 1 Stage 3
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This article is about the stage in Kirby's Dream Land 2. For the stage in Kirby's Dream Land 3, see Ripple Field - Stage 2 (Kirby's Dream Land 3).

Ripple Field - Stage 2 is the second stage of Ripple Field in Kirby's Dream Land 2.


The stage begins at the edge of a huge pit. Kirby will have to jump down, but care must be taken not to fall into the many enemies along the way. At the bottom, the door to the next area can be found in a shallow pool.

The next area is a labyrinthine underwater tunnel complex filled with pipes shooting currents into spike fields. Along the way, a side-door can be taken to do battle with the Mid-Boss Master Green. Defeating it will allow Kirby to free Kine from a bag, making swimming against the currents in the main passage much easier.

The next area is a dark hallway, which can be illuminated with a specific copy-animal combination hinted at in the previous area. Doing so will reveal a hidden doorway which can be entered to get five small stars. The main path continues past a number of ability-providing enemies and back into a pool where another doorway can be found.

The door leads back outside, and out of a shallow pool. Past a good deal of enemies, the stage exit can be reached at the right end of the path.

Enemies and mid-boss[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability
KDL2 Blipper sprite.png Blipper None KDL2 Load Kibble sprite.png Load Kibble Cutter
KDL2 Bouncy Ty sprite.png Bouncy Ty None KDL2 Scarfy sprite.png Scarfy N/A
KDL2 Coconut sprite.png Coconut None KDL2 Sir Slippy sprite.png Sir Slippy None
KDL2 Flamer sprite.png Flamer Burning KDL2 Sparky sprite.png Sparky Spark
KDL2 Floaty the Drifter sprite.png Floaty the Drifter Parasol KDL2 Spikey sprite.png Spikey Needle
KDL2 Glunk sprite.png Glunk None KDL2 Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee None
KDL2 Gordo sprite.png Gordo N/A
Sprite Name Copy Ability
KDL2 Master Green sprite.png Master Green Spark