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Dark Castle - Stage 6

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Dark Castle - Stage 6
KDL2 Dark Castle 6-5.png
Kirby and Coo deprive a Blade of his seat.
Host level Dark Castle
Stage Nr. 6
Animal Friend(s) No
Rainbow Drop? No
Mid-Boss(es) Captain Stitch
Stage progression
Stage 5 Stage 7
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Dark Castle - Stage 6 is the sixth stage of Dark Castle in Kirby's Dream Land 2. The stage layout is identical to that of Dark Castle - Stage 3, but in reverse.


The stage begins in a wind-swept open area identical in layout to the area in Stage 3, except flipped. Many items can be collected along the way, but Gordos must also be dodged. Acquiring the items in question is significantly easier if Coo is present.

This area is an auto-scrolling hallway filled with baddies. Its layout is similar to the one in Stage 3 and as such, Kirby would be wise to follow that same path, or he will in all likelihood be crushed.

In the last room, Kirby must contend with Captain Stitch before proceeding to the exit.

Enemies and mid-boss[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability
KDL2 Blade sprite.png Blade N/A
KDL2 Butch sprite.png Butch N/A
KDL2 Gordo sprite.png Gordo N/A
KDL2 Masher sprite.png Masher N/A
Sprite Name Copy Ability
KDL2 Captain Stitch sprite.png Captain Stitch Needle