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Enemy InfoBox
Artwork of Waiu from Kirby's Dream Land 2
Debut Game Kirby's Dream Land 2
Copy Ability Cutter
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KDL2Waiu.pngWaiu is a Mid-Boss found within Kirby's Dream Land 2. He is first found in Stage 2 of Red Canyon, and yields the Cutter ability when swallowed.

Waiu resembles a Ninja, but at this time, that ability did not exist yet, so he provides Cutter instead. Waiu fights using boomerang-like implements which can be inhaled and spat back, but only after they've hit the wall. He also throws smoke bombs which rise into the air, and performs rising kicks. He can also vanish, creating an illusion of himself shimmering in the air before landing. Of all the Mid-Bosses in Dream Land 2, Waiu has the most intricate attacks.