Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble - Lvl 5-1

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Lvl 5-1

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Starting time 100
50 in Extra Game
Bonus area? Yescheck.png
Blue Star? Yescheck.png
Whispy Woods? Xmark.png
Boss Xmark.png
Stage order
Lvl 4-4 Lvl 5-2
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Lvl 5-1 is the first stage of Level 5 in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.


This stage is built almost entirely of icy floors, making it more difficult for Kirby to keep his traction. It starts with a pair of spin panels which can be used to rapidly accelerate Kirby forward past some sliding bumpers. After this, Kirby needs to roll around a more winding path patrolled by Waddle Dees. This can be made easier if Kirby first goes left to obtain an Invincibility Candy from a ? Hole. One last set of four Waddle Dees guard a larger room which lays just before the gate. From here, Kirby can use another set of spinning panels to rocket him past more bumpers, then make use of some diagonal bumpers to help keep him on course as he slides along a snaking path. From here, Kirby will need to time his release from one more spinning panel carefully in order to avoid the last bumper and bounce to the goal pad.

Extra Game[edit]

In the Extra Game, the bumpers and Waddle Dees in the room just before the gate are swapped in their starting positions. The sliding bumpers also move more quickly.

Star guide[edit]

  • Red Star: This star can be found after the gate, past a narrow bridge of ice leading off to the left near the end of the diagonal bumper section. This path is blocked off by a bumper, so Kirby will either need to bust it or find another way in.
  • Blue Star: This star can be found after the gate, past a narrow bridge of ice leading off to the right in the middle of the diagonal bumper section.
  • Warp Star: This star can be found tucked away to the left near one of the moving bar bumpers near the start of the stage. It takes Kirby to a bonus area consisting of a maze filled with star pieces and 1-Ups.


Sprite Name
KTnT Waddle Dee.png Waddle Dee