Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble - Lvl 2-1

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Lvl 2-1

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Starting time 180
80 in Extra Game
Bonus area? Yescheck.png
Blue Star? Yescheck.png
Whispy Woods? Xmark.png
Boss Xmark.png
Stage order
Lvl 1-4 Lvl 2-2
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Lvl 2-1 is the first stage of Level 2 in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.


The stage begins in a tight cave area. A Hint Board reveals that mesh floors have holes that can be used to travel underneath to avoid some enemies and obstacles. Doing this allows Kirby to slip by a couple Blinkbats undetected as he moves up the course. Further ahead, the area opens up into a series of rooms separated by short walls. Traveling through here, a number of stars and other items can be collected before reaching a Microphone at the exit leading upward. After hopping over the wall using a Jump Hole, Kirby can land in a ? Hole to make lots of star pieces appear in a snaking line around the next room, but there are also Blinkbats here to avoid. After passing through the gate, the path continues past a series of bumpers and Jump Holes, then past several Dekabus who will pound the floor to potentially throw Kirby off balance. After clearing one more bumper, Kirby can hop into the goal pad using a Jump Hole.

Extra Game[edit]

There are no significant differences in the Extra Game aside from the reduced time.

Star guide[edit]

  • Red Star: Just past the gate, a bumper bar sits in the lower-left corner. Kirby needs to bump into it repeatedly to gain invincibility and remove the bumper, revealing this star.
  • Blue Star: Shortly after the room where the Red Star is, Kirby will need to hop along Jump Holes and use the resulting invincibility to take out another bumper on the path, uncovering this star.
  • Warp Star: In the first wide room, this star can be found under the mesh flooring in the lower-right corner. Taking it leads Kirby to a bonus room where he can use Invincibility Candy to bust through breakable walls to get items and points.


Sprite Name
KTnT Blinkbat.png Blinkbat
KTnT Dekabu.png Dekabu