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KBBa Changer sprite.png
Sprite of Changer from Kirby's Block Ball.
Use Allows the player to select one of four Copy Abilities, being Burning, Needle, Spark or Stone.
Obtained Defeating a Propeller or Bouncy.
Game(s) Kirby's Block Ball
Comparable to Mix, Transformer
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This article is about the item debuting in Kirby's Block Ball. For the enemy with the name Changer in Japanese, see Transformer.
When hit with the ball, it will automatically cycle through four abilities. Press B to stop cycling and win the ability shown. You will be able to use that ability until you lose a ball.
— Kirby's Block Ball e-manual for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console (American English), page 13

Changer[1] is an item that appeared in Kirby's Block Ball. It appears to be a panel that has an image of Kirby next to a question mark.

The Changer makes its one and only appearance in Kirby's Block Ball. It is first obtainable in Kabula's stage. It is randomly dropped by defeating a Propeller or Bouncy. When rolled over by Kirby, the player gets to select an ability out of Burning, Needle, Spark or Stone, making this one of the more useful items in the game. Like all items in the game, the item vanishes if left untouched a few seconds after being released.

Collecting the Changer is worth 100 points.


  • Select from four abilities with the B button. --Kirby's Block Ball Instruction Booklet (North American print), page 17


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チェンジャー


  1. Name taken from Kirby's Block Ball Instruction Booklet (North American print), page 17