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Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble - Lvl 4-2

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Lvl 4-2
KTnT Level 4-2 5.png
Kirby jumps towards some bumpers.
Starting time 120 (+ leftover time from 4-1)
50 in Extra Game
Bonus area? Yes
Blue Star? Yes
Whispy Woods? No
Boss No
Stage order
Lvl 4-1 Lvl 4-3
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Lvl 4-2 is the second stage of Level 4 in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.


The stage begins with a straight hall filled with Pop-Up Floors which can be used to hop over some sand pits. From here, the path splits in two, with the left path being more dangerous than the right one. It re-converges shortly after, heading up through a wider room with Waddle Dees and sliding bumpers before reaching a cloud that will carry Kirby to the gate. From there, Kirby needs to hop along using more Pop-Up Floors and Jump Holes, bouncing over several more bumpers and open pits before reaching the goal pad at the end.

Extra Game[edit]

In the Extra Game, a few Gordos are added near the beginning of the stage.

Star guide and map[edit]

Composite map of the entirety of Lvl 4-2.
Star guide for Level 4-2  
Name Description
At the first split in the road, this star can be obtained by taking the more dangerous path on the left, after getting past the bumper blocking the way.
Shortly after the gate, this star can be picked up by heading off to the left along a very narrow walkway jutting out into the sky.
While riding the cloud that travels horizontally near the end, Kirby can ride over to the right and hop onto this star on a tiny platform. It will take him to a bonus area where he will need to traverse a sand pit with a Snipper in it to collect the star pieces generated by ? Holes.


Sprite Name
KTnT Gordo.png Gordo (Extra Game only)
KTnT Snipper.png Snipper
KTnT Waddle Dee.png Waddle Dee