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Kirby's Roll-O-Rama

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Kirby's Roll-O-Rama
KTnT Kirbys Roll-O-Rama title.png
Title screen for Kirby's Roll-O-Rama.
Type(s) Guiding puzzle
Levels 25
Players 1
Appears in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble
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Try to roll all the Kirbys into the holes. This one is tricky, so you'll have to tilt very carefully!
— Description from Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble North American instruction booklet

Kirby's Roll-O-Rama is one of the five Sub-Games from Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. It involves the player using the game's tilt mechanics to guide Kirby balls into holes to advance through the stages.


Gameplay revolves around guiding multiple limbless Kirbys by tilting the Game Boy Color and trying to cause all of them to enter holes placed on the course. All Kirby balls move simultaneously and in the same direction, so controlling them all and keeping them safe can be difficult, especially when Gordos appear on the stage. Hitting a Gordo twice or running out of time is a game over. In addition, bumpers can appear on stages which repel any Kirby that touches them. Holes can also appear in varying sizes, with smaller holes being harder to keep Kirbys in, and larger ones being harder to get Kirbys out of if more than one fell in.

Once a stage is cleared, 10 points are awarded for each unit of time remaining, and 500 more points are awarded for clearing. Most stages have varying layouts, but upon reaching Stage 19, it and all subsequent stages features the same arrangement of four holes in the middle with two Gordos on the sides (though the size of the holes can vary), and each subsequent stage gives the player less time to complete it. There are 25 stages in total.


  • "Get each Kirby into a hole."
  • "It's all over if you hit two Gordos!"


  • When a Kirby is hit by a Gordo, he turns blue, and is defeated if hit again. This method of showing Kirby's health would later be seen in Kirby Mass Attack.


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