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Air Hockey

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Air Hockey
KBBa Air Hockey gameplay.png
Gameplay screenshot of Air Hockey.
Type(s) Breakout - Hockey
Levels 1
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Block Ball
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Air Hockey is one of the four bonus games in Kirby's Block Ball. It can be accessed by touching a Warp Star in a regular round or by accessing it on the World Map after getting the high score for Stage 11.

The game pits Kirby against a UFO in a giant air hockey ring in three matches. The goal is to hit the ball past the opponent's paddle to score a point. To do this, Kirby can position himself left and right, as well as up and down the board to an extent. If the player presses A when hitting the ball, it will go faster.

Once the game is over, a number of 1-Ups will be rewarded based on how many points were scored:

  • 0 points - no bonus
  • 1 point - 1-Up
  • 2 points - 2-Up
  • 3 points - 3-Up

Official profiles and descriptions[edit]

  • North American instruction booklet (page 19): "If you hit the ball into the opponent's goal, you get one point. You have three chances in each Air Hockey game."
  • Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console (page 11): "Deflect the ball with the paddle, and try to shoot it into your opponent's goal while protecting your own goal. You will get one point for each goal you score, and your number of lives will increase in accordance with the points you get. You have three chances in each Air Hockey game."


  • Air Hockey is the only instance in the game where a ball is used that is not Kirby.