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Red Star

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Red Star
KTnT Red Star.png
In-game sprite of a Red Star from Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.
Use Attaining 100% completion and unlocking the Extra Game
Game(s) Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble
Comparable to Blue Star, Sparkling Star
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This article is about the collectable item from Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble, and should not be confused with Point Stars, a similarly named item with a red variant.

A Red Star[1] is a collectable item in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. It resembles a Sparkling Star, but it is red in color, hence the name. There is one in each stage, making for a total of 32 in all. Collecting them is not necessary to complete the game, but they are necessary for 100% completion, and to unlock the Extra Stage.

If Kirby loses a life while a Red Star is collected, finding the location of the Red Star he has collected (provided he is capable of backtracking to said location) will only show the star with a white outline, signifying that it is already collected. Getting a Game Over, however, will cause Kirby to lose the Red Star he has collected.


One Red Star can be found in each stage. They are usually hidden off the main path and may be challenging to get, or hidden from sight unless a certain action is performed. The following table lists every Red Star and how to reach it:

Red Star Locations in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble  
Level Stage How to reach
Level 1 At the very end of the stage, this star can be found tucked away in the upper-right corner past the goal platform.
Between the gate and the exit, this star can be found over to the left next to a small island platform guarded by many Bronto Burts.
After hopping past the first set of Broom Hatters, Kirby can use his temporary invincible state if he hopped cleanly between all the Jump Holes to break the bumper on the right and uncover this star in the following area.
In the first open room, Kirby needs to bump into the Blockbot in the lower-right corner to make the bot move and the star appear in the niche behind the bot. Once the bot is out of the way, Kirby can collect the star.
Level 2 Just past the gate, a bumper bar sits in the lower-left corner. Kirby needs to bump into it repeatedly to gain invincibility and remove the bumper, revealing this star.
After taking the blue path to the left, this star can be found tucked away in a small grotto which can be accessed by hopping over a short wall or some Blast Boards and crossing a bottomless pit. This star cannot be obtained if Kirby heads down the red path instead.
After the first gate, this star can be found by riding the cloud up, taking the junction on the right, then hopping down in the middle of the proceeding track to reach a small platform.
When entering the first room with the cloud, Kirby can use his temporary invincibility after launching from the Jump Holes to knock away a bumper toward the right, revealing a square Jump Hole that he can use to launch to the right and get the star.
Level 3 In the wide open area past the gate, Kirby will need to chase down and catch Mr. Frosty, who is carrying this star and trying to avoid Kirby.
After reaching the end of the first wavy crumbling path, a narrow side path can be accessed on the right which leads to a small room where this star can be found.
Right after passing through the gate, Kirby can hop onto the following raft and - rather than heading up - he should steer it down to the left to pass into a narrow waterway. From here, he can find a Squishy in front of a small waterfall. Defeating this Squishy yields this star.
When taking the cloud to the first gate, Kirby should stay on it instead of disembarking right away, and let the cloud carry him to the left. From there, he can get onto a small platform and break a fragile wall to get this star.
Level 4 After crossing the first narrow bridge past the gate, Kirby needs to drift off to the left in the next sand pool and down a narrow corridor to reach a small grassy nook where this star can be uncovered.
At the first split in the road, this star can be obtained by taking the more dangerous path on the left, after getting past the bumper blocking the way.
Shortly before the cloud, Kirby will find a very narrow brown walkway jutting to the left from the main path. Taking this walkway will allow Kirby to hop over to this star, on an isolated platform.
Shortly after the gate, Kirby can use the temporary invincibility he gets from using the Jump Holes to break down the bar bumper blocking the way to the right. He will need to roll quickly up the hall while he is still invincible to break another smaller bumper concealing a Jump Hole which can grant him access to a short hallway containing this star.
Level 5 This star can be found after the gate, past a narrow bridge of ice leading off to the left near the end of the diagonal bumper section. This path is blocked off by a bumper, so Kirby will either need to bust it or find another way in.
Just after the gate, Kirby can make use of the bounce pads on the floor to obtain temporary invincibility, which can be used to clear out a bumper blocking a small nook on the right side. From here, the star can be uncovered inside the small area.
After the gate, Kirby will see this star hovering over the open sky as he rides along the next long parallel track of clouds off to the left. He can hop towards it and land safely on a small platform to the left after grabbing it.
After the gate, in the snaking hall with the Big Kabu and spikes, Kirby can find a small elevated side passage that he needs to hop onto to reach a small room to the right with this star inside.
Level 6 Past the gate, this star can be found on the right path past the piers inside an isolated chamber blocked off by a bumper. It is hiding underneath the bar bumper in the room.
Past the gate, in the middle of the initial halfpipe with the UFOs, there is a side passage leading off to the right. Kirby will need to cross a narrow bridge guarded by a UFO to reach this star.
After the gate, Kirby needs to head up the main path and move close to the second Shotzo on the right to make a Cloud Cannon appear. Defeating this Cloud Cannon yields the star.
Past the gate, in the first area with the left-facing conveyor belts, Kirby can find a narrow walkway on the lower-left edge leading to this star.
Level 7 Right before the last big area of the stage, this star can be found in a room off to the right behind a bar bumper which will need to be removed. The room is lined with a red floor, so Kirby needs to work quickly in here.
Shortly past the gate, Kirby can hop along a series of Jump Holes along sand platforms leading diagonally up to the right, then use his temporary invincibility to bust through a bumper bar to obtain this star.
This star can be obtained by riding a lift past the platform with the star pieces on it and disembarking on a separate platform further up. After this, Kirby needs to ride a second lift over a wide pit to get to the star.
Just after the gate, Kirby will need to head to the right edge of the room with the four Blockbots. There, a cloud can take him to the platform where this star can be obtained.
Level 8 Right after crossing the initial sliding bumpers, this star can be obtained on an isolated platform to the left which can be reached by hopping a short gap past the rotating bar.
Just before the gate, Kirby will need to use the bumpers (or break them) to reach a Jump Hole that will help him get to a cut-off area where this star can be found.
Halfway up the first section, Kirby will encounter a long bar bumper in the middle of a larger room. The star is hiding under this bumper. In the Extra Game, this bumper is gone, and the Red Star will instead be hidden where it was.
From the grid of Jump Holes near the cannon at the end, a path of Jump Holes can be followed out into the open abyss on the left side, which leads to a small platform guarded by a bumper. On this platform, the star can be uncovered behind a fragile wall.


  • The North American instruction booklet for Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble states that if Kirby loses a life after collecting a Red Star, but before finishing the stage, that he will lose the star and have to re-collect it. This is not true, as Red Stars can only be lost if Kirby gets a Game Over on said stage.
  • When Kirby collects a Red Star under the effects of the Balloon, he will do a unique animation - spinning around in the air before moving again.

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  1. "One Red Star is hidden in every course—see if you can collect them all. The percentage you have collected will be shown on the Select File Screen, so keep playing until you've collected 100%!" --Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble Instruction Booklet (North American print), page 21