Up Down

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Up Down
Up Down.jpg
In-game screenshot of Up Down in progress.
Type(s) Breakout - Buttons
Levels 1
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Block Ball
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Up Down is one of the four bonus games in Kirby's Block Ball. It can be accessed by touching a Warp Star in a regular round.

The game takes place inside a ring that vaguely resembles a slot machine. Up above are four lines of blocks containing various portraits which are stacked six deep, the back of which cannot be removed. Kirby has 60 seconds to make each line bear the same portrait on the front. To do this, he can remove blocks by hitting into them ('up'), and make them return by hitting the buttons below ('down').

A reward is given based on the portrait that all lines show at the end. If Kirby runs out of time, no reward is given: