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Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble - Lvl 1-3

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Lvl 1-3
KTnT Level 1-3 4.png
Kirby hops along the rotating cloud platforms.
Starting time 100 (+ leftover time from 1-2)
40 in Extra Game
Bonus area? Yes
Blue Star? No
Whispy Woods? No
Boss No
Stage order
Lvl 1-2 Lvl 1-4
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Lvl 1-3 is the third stage of Level 1 in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.


The stage begins on a small platform, where Kirby can use a Jump Hole to reach a Cloud. From there, he can leap past several smaller platforms with Broom Hatters sweeping back and forth on them. From here, another Cloud can be hopped onto to head up to the gate. From there, a Microphone can be found in the corner of the platform on the left side which can be used to defeat the Broom Hatters there. Heading up, Kirby will need to hop along clouds attached to rotating bars. After hopping along several more clouds and tight platforms with jump holes on them, Kirby can reach the goal at the end.

Extra Game[edit]

In the Extra Game, the Clouds move faster.

Star guide and map[edit]

Composite map of the entirety of Lvl 1-3.
Star guide for Level 1-3  
Name Description
After hopping past the first set of Broom Hatters, Kirby can use his temporary invincible state if he hopped cleanly between all the Jump Holes to break the bumper on the right and uncover this star in the following area.
This star is located on the left side of the platform where the Red Star is obtained, and can be reached in a similar manner. Taking it leads Kirby to a bonus room where he can use an Invincibility Candy to clear out the Broom Hatters in the area and get lots of items in clusters.


Sprite Name
KTnT Broom Hatter.png Broom Hatter