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Star Catcher

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Star Catcher
KBBa Star Catcher.png
In-game screenshot of Star Catcher in progress.
Type(s) Breakout - Catch
Levels 1
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Block Ball
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Star Catcher is one of the four bonus games in Kirby's Block Ball. It can be accessed by touching a Warp Star in a regular round.

The game takes place in a Boss-style room with four paddles. Kirby jumps into the middle and starts spitting out stars and bombs. The objective is to catch the stars while avoiding the bombs. Getting hit by a bomb causes the game to automatically end.

The number of 1-Ups gained in this game depends on the number of stars caught. Every set of ten grants a 1-Up, with up to thirty stars in total. If the player manages to get all 30 stars, the game will display "PERFECT!" at the top of the screen, then they will be rewarded with two 1-Ups, giving them five extra lives total. This makes Star Catcher the only bonus game that can reward more than three 1-Ups.

Official profiles and descriptions[edit]

  • North American instruction booklet (page 19): "Catch the stars coming from the center with the paddles. If you catch a bomb, the Star Catcher game ends."
  • Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console (page 11): "Use the paddle to catch the stars coming out of the center of the area. If you catch a bomb, the bonus game ends."