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Up Cloud

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Up Cloud
KBBa Up Cloud screenshot.png
In-game screenshot of Up Cloud being started.
Type(s) Breakout - bounce
Levels 1
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Block Ball
Theme music

no music given

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Up Cloud is one of the four bonus games in Kirby's Block Ball. It can be accessed by touching a Warp Star in a regular round.

The game takes place in a cloudy room with three faced blocks and three panels up top. The panels are labeled as '1-Up', '2-Up', and '3-Up' from right to left. The objective of the game is to hit one of the three blocks up toward one of the panels to obtain the displayed number of extra lives. Each time Kirby hits a block from below, it will nudge upward slightly, while hitting it from any other direction will do nothing. The blocks below the higher-number panels are placed further down than the preceding ones, so more bumps are required to obtain a better result. If Kirby misses the paddle, he will exit the game with no reward.

Official profiles and descriptions[edit]

  • North American instruction booklet (page 19): "Use the ball to hit the clouds, gradually pushing them up. The first one to the goal results in the indicated prize."
  • Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console (page 11): "Use the ball to hit the clouds, gradually pushing them up. The first cloud to reach the goal results in the indicated prize."