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Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble - Lvl 3-2

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Lvl 3-2
KTnT Level 3-2 2.png
Kirby jumps on the crumbling floor.
Starting time 120 (+ leftover time from 3-1)
70 in Extra Game
Bonus area? Yes
Blue Star? No
Whispy Woods? No
Boss No
Stage order
Lvl 3-1 Lvl 3-3
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Lvl 3-2 is the second stage of Level 3 in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.


The stage begins in an underground area with a long and wide wavy path consisting mostly of crumbling floor tiles. As such, Kirby will need to keep on the move if he does not want to fall off the course. A few bodies of water can be used along the way to give Kirby a break from the crumbling floor, though naturally, he cannot linger for long in these pools either. From here, the path splits in two and straightens out, and Kirby will need to hop a gap before the path comes back together to lead through a series of narrow halls with tight turns, all the while with the floor still crumbling beneath him. Eventually, Kirby will reach the first gate and some momentary solid ground.

The second half of the stage still consists mostly of crumbling floor tiles. This time, Kirby will need to traverse these areas while avoiding bumpers and fragile walls in the way. Near the end, a handful of Waddle Dees appear to get in the way as well, but once Kirby passes these, he can use a Jump Hole to hop over to the goal pad at the end of the stage.

Extra Game[edit]

In the Extra Game, there are bombs on the course in places along with a few extra bumpers.

Star guide and map[edit]

Composite map of the entirety of Lvl 3-2.
Star guide for Level 3-2  
Name Description
After reaching the end of the first wavy crumbling path, a narrow side path can be accessed on the right which leads to a small room where this star can be found.
In the room with the Waddle Dees just before the end, there is a small hallway that can be found in the lower-left corner that leads to a very narrow spiral passage along the crumbling floors. The star is in the center of this spiral, and taking it leads Kirby to a bonus area where Kirby can nab some 1-Ups by carefully rolling along more crumbling floors. Once he completes this area, Kirby will be placed in a different room just to the left of the goal.


Sprite Name
KTnT Waddle Dee.png Waddle Dee