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Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble - Lvl 2-3

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Lvl 2-3
KTnT Level 2-3 6.png
Kirby tries to avoid a Gordo.
Starting time 150 (+ leftover time from 2-2)
70 in Extra Game
Bonus area? Yes
Blue Star? No
Whispy Woods? No
Boss No
Stage order
Lvl 2-2 Lvl 2-4
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Lvl 2-3 is the third stage of Level 2 in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble.


This stage takes place in the clouds. It starts with a Jump Hole leading to a series of Clouds on rectangular tracks, crossing the open sky below. Further up, Kirby will need to ride a cloud on a line and hop over a bumper mid-track. After a few more cloud-hopping escapades, the gate can be reached. From there, Kirby needs to take a cloud along a wide grid up ahead where Gordos patrol and will need to be hopped over. Along the way, some balloons can be found to make this trip easier. After reaching another small platform when the paths converge, a couple more clouds will ferry Kirby to the goal pad.

Extra Game[edit]

In the Extra Game, the Clouds move more quickly, and there are more Gordos on the grid.

Star guide and map[edit]

Composite map of the entirety of Lvl 2-3.
Star guide for Level 2-3  
Name Description
After the first gate, this star can be found by riding the cloud up, taking the junction on the right, then hopping down in the middle of the proceeding track to reach a small platform.
The Warp Star can be found on a platform accessible from the upper-left portion of the big grid area. This takes Kirby to a room where he can pick up an Invincible Candy in the lower-left corner to break through some blocks and get items.


Sprite Name
KTnT Broom Hatter.png Broom Hatter
KTnT Gordo.png Gordo
KTnT Starman.png Starman