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This article is about an action, and should not be confused with the bird.
Artwork of Kirby ducking from Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Duck (also referred to as Crouch and Sit) refers to the action of a character lowering their posture in order to take up less space. This is done primarily in order to avoid certain attacks, to pass through Fall-through Platforms, or as a prerequisite action to perform another move, such as a Slide.

Every main series Kirby game allows Kirby to duck, which will reduce the vertical space he takes up by roughly half, allowing him to avoid projectiles such as Whispy Woods' Air Bullets. While ducking, Kirby usually cannot move. When an object is inside Kirby's mouth, ducking will cause him to swallow that object, which has various consequences based on the object swallowed, and the game the action is performed in.

With the Archer ability, ducking causes Kirby to become impervious to all attacks, in effect acting as a type of Guard. He can attack by firing arrows or crawl by holding either direction, but doing so will make him vulnerable.

Kirby is unable to duck while he is under the effect of the Sleep, Cupid or Mini copy abilities. In addition, while riding a friend or piloting the Robobot Armor, his ability to duck will be hampered somewhat. Lastly, Kirby cannot duck if he is currently in the act of Flying or performing another move, such as a Guard.


  • Kirby and related characters can also duck while inside a Cannon or a Stomper Boot. Doing so will allow them to avoid getting hit by enemy attacks in some instances.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Agacharse Crouch