List of Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustrations - 2016/2017

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The following is a complete list of all Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustration posts for the years 2016 and 2017.


Post date Image Image details Original text Translation Source URL Notes
Dec 23, 2016 Twitter Xmas 2016.jpg Portrays a winter scene where King Dedede is playing the role of Santa and trying to stuff himself into the chimney of Kirby's house. Kirby is sleeping in his house, three Waddle Dees are dressed as reindeer, Meta Knight can be seen inside the sleigh, and two members of the Channel PPP Crew can be seen looking on from the foreground. A snowman resembling Chilly is in front of the house. メリークリスマス!
Twitter Link Commemorates Christmas.
Dec 28, 2016 Twitter Winter 2016.jpg Portrays a winter scene where Kirby is inhaling many things at once while the Channel PPP Crew looks on from behind. Aside from more mundane objects, characters being inhaled include Gryll, Broom Hatter, and Bubble Head. いよいよ今年もあと少し。
Twitter Link
Dec 31, 2016 Twitter New Year 2017.jpg Portrays a New Year's dinner with the Channel PPP Crew. Kirby has "secretly" taken the place of the Assistant Waddle Dee, who has been swallowed. On a nearby television, a channel is playing showing Dyna Blade feeding worms to her chicks. A small figurine of Coo can be seen atop the TV. 本日は元旦!
Twitter Link Commemorates New Year's Day.
Jan 18, 2017 Twitter Flying.jpg Portrays Wing Kirby flying through the sky with other flying creatures in formation while the Channel PPP Crew tags along using a hang glider. Characters present include Dyna Blade and her chicks, Birdon, Bronto Burt, Starman, Tookey, and two following Twizzys. 今日はプププランド上空からのリポートです!
Twitter Link
Jan 25, 2017 Twitter Snowman.jpg Portrays a winter scene where Kirby and Mr. Frosty are building a snowman who resembles Chilly. To complete the eyebrows, Kirby "borrows" one from an actual Chilly who is smarting from the pain. In the foreground, two Channel PPP Crew members are present, with the Camera Waddle Dee having frozen into a block of ice. In the background, two Pengys can be seen sliding toward Ice Dragon. プププランドもすっかり冬模様。
Twitter Link
Feb 2, 2017 Twitter Inhaling.jpg Portrays a scene where Kirby and King Dedede are attempting to inhale the Channel PPP Crew. Flanking the inhalers are two Kooklers and a horde of angry Scarfies. …この鬼さんたちには勝てる気がしません…。 Twitter Link Commemorates Setsubun, a Japanese festival.
Feb 13, 2017 Twitter Valentine's 2017.jpg Portrays many female characters from the Kirby series having a picnic with sweets while Kirby looks on from the distance. Characters at the picnic include Susie, Queen Sectonia, Ribbon, Adeleine, Bouncy, ChuChu, Claycia, Elline, and Drawcia. 今日はバレンタインデー。
Twitter Link Commemorates Valentine's Day.
Mar 2, 2017 Twitter Hinamatsuri 2017.jpg Portrays a festival scene where King Dedede and Kirby are playing the role of Emperor and Empress respectively, while Adeleine, Elline, and Susie serve as the attendants and Meta Knight and his Meta-Knights serve as musicians. Camera Waddle Dee films from the bushes. Susie appears to be upset that she is not in the Empress position. 今日はひなまつり!
Twitter Link Commemorates Hinamatsuri, a Japanese festival.
Mar 15, 2017 Twitter 1-Up.jpg Portrays a blank scene where the Channel PPP Crew is interviewing a 1-Up, having confused it for Kirby himself, while Kirby looks on from behind. カービィさんこんにちは!
……あれ? ひとちがいだったみたいです……
Twitter Link
Mar 31, 2017 Twitter Fools 2017.jpg Portrays a scene where Kirby and the Channel PPP Crew are walking around a pole, having been told by Magolor and Marx that 25 laps will turn the pole into chocolate. The two fibbers are chuckling in the foreground while a confused Bronto Burt watches the fools. スクープです!!
Twitter Link Commemorates April Fools Day.
Apr 5, 2017 Twitter Cherry Blossom 2017.jpg Portrays a spring scene where Kirby is running from a picnic with sweets in his mouth as King Dedede gives chase. Other characters present in the scene include Meta Knight, the Channel PPP Crew, Noddy, Bulby, Lovely, and Whispy Woods in pink foliage. 今日はみんなでお花見です!
Twitter Link Commemorates a cherry blossom festival in Japan.
Apr 12, 2017 TKCD 25th Promo Art.jpg Portrays an abstract scene where Sword Hero, Hammer Lord, Doctor Healmore, and Beam Mage Kirby face off against Taranza and two of the Channel PPP Crew members look on. 速報です!
Twitter Link Commemorates the release of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe.
Apr 14, 2017 Twitter Bonkers on Drums.jpg Portrays a blank scene where the Channel PPP Crew is listening to Bonkers beat his drums too hard. In the background, Waddle Doo and Chilly are having similar issues with their instruments. 明日はついに「星のカービィ25周年記念オーケストラコンサート」!
Twitter Link Prelude for the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert.
Apr 25, 2017 Twitter 25th Anniversary Setup.jpg Portrays a scene where various characters are setting up a birthday party. Chef Kawasaki and a Waddle Dee are setting up the cake, King Dedede and Meta Knight are preparing balloons, and Reporter Waddle Dee is helping Bandana Waddle Dee hang up a wall ornament. プププランドのみんなでわいわい、明日のサプライズパーティの準備中ですっ!
Twitter Link Prelude image for Kirby's 25th anniversary.
Apr 26, 2017 Twitter Birthday 2017.jpg Portrays a scene where Kirby sits overjoyed in front of a lavishly decorated cake with figurines of all six Animal Friends and Gooey on it, as well as candles shaped as the number 25. Kirby holds the Star Rod and is wearing a crown similar to the one used to "crown" save files on 100% completion. カービィさん、お誕生日おめでとうございます!!
Twitter Link Commemorates Kirby's 25th anniversary.
May 17, 2017 Twitter Dreamstalk.jpg Portrays a scene atop the Dreamstalk with Taranza near the top surrounded by various People of the Sky. Kirby and the Channel PPP Crew follow behind. 新緑の季節ですね!空気が気持ち良いです~。
Twitter Link
May 24, 2017 Twitter Mike.jpg Portrays a scene where Mike Kirby is about to make a performance on a stage backed by two Walkys. The Channel PPP Crew has front row seats on Star Blocks, presumably in ignorance of Kirby's actual singing proficiency, as the wiser creatures Waddle Doo, Sir Kibble, and Broom Hatter run away in advance of the performance. な・な・なんと!今日はカービィさんがリサイタルを開催するとのこと!
Twitter Link
Jun 13, 2017 KSwitch Promo Art.jpg Portrays Kirby backed by several friendly characters as he waves for the Channel PPP Crew. The characters present include Sir Kibble, Burning Leo, Parasol Waddle Dee, Chilly, Blade Knight, and Poppy Bros. Jr., with Whispy Woods in the distance. ビッグニュースにさぞかし皆さんおどろかれたことでしょうね~!
Twitter Link Commemorates the reveal of Kirby for Nintendo Switch at E3. None of the friendly characters portrayed have Copy Ability hats, which may have been an oversight.
Jun 20, 2017 Twitter Rainy Day.jpg Portrays a rainy day at Kirby's house. Kirby has hung up a Teru teru bōzu which resembles a Cool Spook in his window. In the background, King Dedede can be seen protecting Lovely from the rain with a parasol. 今日はあいにくの雨もよう。
Twitter Link
Jul 3, 2017 Blowout Blast Promo Art.jpg Portrays a scene where Kirby has inhaled and spat out the Channel PPP Crew from their vehicle as a Blaster Bullet toward King Dedede. 速報です! 『カービィのすいこみ大作戦』がニンテンドー3DSで本日配信開始です!
Twitter Link Commemorates the release of Kirby's Blowout Blast.
Jul 6, 2017 Twitter Tanabata 2017.jpg Portrays a starry night scene where Taranza, Kirby, and Susie are looking on toward appropriate constellations. Taranza sees Queen Sectonia, Susie sees President Haltmann, and Kirby sees a Strawberry Shortcake. 今日は七夕ですね。
Twitter Link Commemorates Tanabata, a Japanese festival.
Jul 19, 2017 Twitter Orchestra Setup.jpg Portrays a scene where the Channel PPP Crew is preparing to film Kirby and the orchestral crew on a stage. Other characters present include Meta Knight with a violin, three Cappy choristers, and a number of other characters who are off-frame and cannot be fully identified. 明日は、カービィ25周年コンサートの東京追加公演です!
Twitter Link Prelude for the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert second performance in Tokyo.
Jul 26, 2017 Twitter Swimming.jpg Portrays an underwater scene where Kirby can be seen swimming alongside various aquatic creatures, while the Channel PPP Crew follows with sealed aquatic suits. Sea creatures present include Mamanti and a school of Blippers, two Squishys and a Flotzo, two Glunks, a Craby, Master Green, Deepsee and Mini Deepsee, and The Claykken. 今日はプププランドの海をリポートです。
Twitter Link
Aug 30, 2017 Twitter Sunset.jpg Portrays a scene at the cliffside where the Halberd sank in Revenge of Meta Knight. The Channel PPP Crew look off to the sea from their vehicle as Meta Knight flies out above the water. Wheelie Rider Kirby can be seen on a distant cliff to the right. 今日はオレンジオーシャン沿いをドライブしにきました。
Twitter Link
Sep 20, 2017 Twitter Paint Model.png Portrays an autumn scene where Paint Kirby and Reporter Waddle Dee are posing on a tree stump for a painting class. Students present include Paint Roller, Paintra, Adeleine, and Assistant Waddle Dee, who are working at varying levels of proficiency. Claycia and Elline are making sculptures instead. Camera Waddle Dee is chatting with Adeleine. 少しずつ、秋の風を感じるようになってきました。
Twitter Link
Oct 3, 2017 Twitter Squeak Moon.jpg Portrays a night time scene where Daroach and the Squeaks jump past the full moon having stolen some food. Looking on are Kirby, the Channel PPP Crew, and a Polof. 今日はお月様がまんまるでキレイですねぇ~。
Twitter Link May have been meant to commemorate the Harvest Moon occurrence.
Oct 18, 2017 Kirby JP 20171019 art.jpg Portrays a tug-o-war match where Kirby wins single-handedly against a whole team of opponents using the Robobot Armor. His opponents were Rocky, Tac, Bio Spark, Gim, Birdon, and Knuckle Joe. Officiating the match is Bandana Waddle Dee. In the distance, a crowd of onlookers can be seen, including the Channel PPP Crew, Simirror, Plasma Wisp, Wheelie, and Capsule J2. 今日はプププランドの大運動会!現在、綱引きの真っ最中です!
Twitter Link All of the enemy character present in this illustration are Helpers from Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Oct 30, 2017 KirbyJP Twitter Halloween 2017 art.jpg Portrays a moonlit scene featuring Ghost Kirby and a number of other spooky characters. Included in the image are as follows; angry Scarfy, Fuwa Rover, Horror Tramp, Meta Knight wearing a bat hat, King Dedede wrapped in bandages, Mumbies, Tedhaun and his ghosts, a Ghost from Coin Clash, Gao Gao, Squashini, Marx, Dark Matter, Whispy's Revenge, and Gaw Gaw. Two members of the Channel PPP Crew can be seen to the left, with Reporter Waddle Dee wearing pink rabbit ears. 今日はハロウィンパーティ。
Twitter Link Commemorates Halloween. The presence of the Coin Clash Ghost predates the release of Kirby Battle Royale.
Nov 13, 2017 Twitter Crane Game.jpg Portrays the Channel PPP Crew playing on an electric crane game machine, trying to nab a Kirby doll, as the real Kirby stares puzzled at them. Other dolls in the machine include Waddle Dees, a Noddy, a UFO, a Waddle Doo, and Assistant Waddle Dee, who has somehow fallen in and lost his hat. あれっ?レポート隊が見あたらない…?と思ったら、あんなところに!
Twitter Link This illustration is likely an homage to Crane Fever.
Nov 22, 2017 Twitter Meta Party.jpg Portrays a scene where Meta Knight is given a surprise party by associated characters, including the Meta-Knights, Captain Vul, and Sailor Waddle Dee. To the left, Blade Knight and Sword Knight can be seen rushing in with more gifts. To the right, the Channel PPP Crew is trying to stop Kirby from eating the cake. 今日はメタナイツのみなさんが、メタナイトさんに日頃の感謝をこめてサプライズパーティを行っている様子をお届けします!
Twitter Link
Nov 29, 2017 KBR Promo Art.jpg Portrays a battle between four Kirbys using Tornado, Spear, Parasol, and Bomb in a Battle Arena. A crowd of Waddle Dees, a Waddle Doo, and a Broom Hatter can be seen in the background, as Reporter Waddle Dee is caught by Parasol Kirby's Circus Throw. お待たせしましたー!ニンテンドー3DSソフト『カービィ バトルデラックス!』が本日発売です!
Twitter Link Commemorates the release of Kirby Battle Royale in Japan.
Dec 3, 2017 Twitter Winter Salmon.jpg Portrays an early winter scene where Kirby and friends are eating baked salmon rolls. Characters present include the Channel PPP Crew, all six Animal Friends and Gooey, and Hot Head. In the distance, Pon & Con can be seen atop a tree. こんにちは!レポーターのワドルディです。木枯らしの寒い日が続きますね。
Twitter Link
Dec 24, 2017 Twitter Xmas 2017.jpg Portrays King Dedede covered in soot setting gifts down for Kirby as he sleeps in his house, as Meta Knight and Waddle Dees dressed as reindeer look on. The Channel PPP Crew can be seen outside the window looking in. Kirby's house is decorated with all manner of objects. On the fireplace sill sit various Treasures from The Great Cave Offensive. On the tree are ornaments representing Kirby, Prince Fluff, a Gordo, Nightmare's power orb, and Dark Nebula. メリークリスマス!
Twitter Link Commemorates Christmas.
Dec 31, 2017 Twitter New Year's Eve 2017.jpg Portrays a scene where Chef Kawasaki is providing "New Year's Soba" to other characters. Kirby is eating Reporter Waddle Dee's soba without him noticing, while the other Channel PPP Crew members wait in line, save for Assistant Waddle Dee who is snugly asleep in a sleeping bag. King Dedede and Meta Knight can be seen in the background enjoying their own soba bowls. Two unidentified yellow birds can be seen perched atop Chef Kawasaki's stand. いよいよ、今年もあとわずかですね。
Twitter Link Commemorates New Year's Eve.

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