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List of Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustrations - 2020

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The following is a complete list of all Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustration posts for the year 2020.


Post date Image Image details Original text and translation Source URL Notes
Jan 1, 2020 Twitter commemorative - New Year's Day 2020.jpg Portrays an indoor scene where several characters are playing a game involving assembling King Dedede's face with various cut-out pieces. Present at the game are Kirby, the Channel PPP Crew, Daroach and the Squeaks, Meta Knight, Haley, and Spikey. In the background, Rick can be seen toying with Mikarin and Kagamimocchi. King Dedede proper can be seen off to the right bemused by the game in progress. Channel PPP and Daroach are seen facing off at the real-life Kirby card game, "Kirby no Copy-toru!". 今日は元旦!さすがのわれわれもお仕事はお休みして、みんなでわいわい屋内遊びですっ!

Happy New Year! As you'd expect, we took a day off of work and had some fun inside.
What kind of game did Kirby bring in...? Hmm, I see! It's a game where you have to put the parts on properly with your eyes closed!
Alright, let's see... um, um, there! How did I do? I think I did well!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates New Year's Day. The presence of the Squeaks is concurrent with the Dedede Directory post showcasing them and is a reference to the year of the mouse in the Chinese zodiac. While Haley and Spikey more resemble hedgehogs, they may be present due to being vaguely mouse-like.
Apr 27, 2020 Twitter commemorative - Kirby's Birthday 2020.jpg Portrays Circus Kirby commemorating his 28th birthday making various balloons alongside the Channel PPP Crew and a Clown Acrobot. カービィさん、お誕生日おめでとうございます!!

今年は「サーカス」能力でにぎやかに!ドンドンパフパフ~!!!! バルーンアートのケーキ、とっても豪華ですね~!! カービィさんのこれからの冒険も楽しみにしていますっ!

Happy birthday, Kirby!!
This year, we're going with the festive Circus ability! Honk, toot, and bammity-bam!
The balloon art cake looks so extravagant!
We're looking forward to Kirby's future adventures!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the 28th anniversary of the Kirby series. A black-and-white version of the illustration for coloring was also provided.
Twitter commemorative - Kirby's Birthday 2020 (alt).jpg われわれワドルディレポート隊から、みなさんにもプレゼントが!今年はお祝いイラストの「ぬりえ」バージョンも用意いたしました~!

自由に色をぬって、ぜひ「#星のカービィ28周年」をつけてツイートしてくださいっ! カービィさんのお誕生日をみんなでお祝いしましょう~っ!!

Our Waddle Dee reporter team has a present for all of you, too! This year we prepared a 'coloring' version of the illustration!
Feel free to color it yourself and tweet about it with the hashtag #Kirby28thAnniversary!
Let's all celebrate Kirby's birthday together!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png
Aug 31, 2020 Twitter commemorative - End of summer 2020.jpg Portrays Channel PPP Crew, Bomb Kirby and King Dedede lighting off fireworks into the night sky for everybody in Dream Land to enjoy the passing summer. Fireworks in distinctive shapes of Kirby's face, Warp Star and Maxim Tomato can be seen, along with Assistant Waddle Dee holding a cue card with キレイ (beautiful) written on it, and Camera Waddle Dee recording the event. 本日で8月もラスト…夏ってあっという間です。

こちらプププランドでは、みなさんで過ぎさる夏を見送りながら、花火を楽しんでいます! 遠くでは大きな打ち上げ花火も!わぁ~キレイですね~!!って…あれはカービィさんですか!?

Today's the last day of August... Summer went by really quick.
Here in Dream Land, everyone is enjoying fireworks to end the summer with a bang.
Look at those huge fireworks way off in the distance! Wow, they're beautiful! Wait... is that Kirby?!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the last day of August and the end of summer.
Sep 5, 2020 Twitter commemorative - SKC 1st anniversary JP.jpg Portrays Parallel Nightmare holding Sword Hero Kirby, while pushing Magolor off-side. Bandana Waddle Dee with one Gem Apple can also be seen in the bottom-right corner. The text above reads "スーパーカービィハンターズ 1st Anniversary!" (Super Kirby Clash 1st Anniversary). なんと!本日は『スーパーカービィハンターズ』の1周年記念日!!

感謝の気持ちをこめて、デザインディレクターの元気いっぱいな、描き下ろしイラストを大公開~! 豪華なアイテムがもらえる、特別なあいことばも発表しちゃいますよ!これからもたくさん遊んでくださいねっ♪

Wow! Today is Super Kirby Clash's first anniversary!
As thanks, we've released a new, energetic illustration from the design director~!
We'll also announce special codewords that'll give you some extravagant items! Be sure to keep on playing♪

Twitter link (Japanese) Twitter favicon.png Celebrates the 1st anniversary of Super Kirby Clash. This image was also posted to the English Nintendo of America feed.
Twitter commemorative - SKC 1st anniversary EN.jpg It's been one year since the launch of #SuperKirbyClash on #NintendoSwitch! Check out this special anniversary illustration created by the developers at HAL Laboratory. Twitter link (English) Twitter favicon.png
Sep 24, 2020 Twitter commemorative - KF2 release.jpg Portrays (from left to right) Sword, Wrestler, Yo-Yo, Parasol, another Wrestler and Staff Kirbys fighting, the latter four wearing Flashy Knit Cap, Paper Parasol, Sumo Topknot and Cheer Style respectively; among other fighters are also Bandana Waddle Dee, Gooey, King Dedede & Meta Knight and Magolor. Channel PPP Crew can be seen reporting the fight on the sidelines. Nintendo Switch用ソフト『カービィファイターズ2』が本日配信!

新たなコピー能力レスラーやカービィさんの仲間達も登場! 大王さまとメタナイトさんのタッグに挑むストーリーモードも! お友達やご家族とはもちろん、オンラインで世界中のプレイヤーともレッツ対戦ですっ!

Kirby Fighters 2 for Nintendo Switch is available today!
The new Wrestler Copy Ability and some of Kirby's friends are here, too!
There's also a story mode where you challenge a tag team of King Dedede and Meta Knight!
Try it out with your friends and family, and online with players from all over the world!

Twitter link (Japanese) Twitter favicon.png Celebrates the announcement and release of Kirby Fighters 2. This image was also posted to the English Nintendo of America feed.
Sep 29, 2020 With #KirbyFighters2 now available on #NintendoSwitch #eShop, here's some commemorative artwork created by the developers to celebrate! Twitter link (English) Twitter favicon.png
Oct 31, 2020 Twitter commemorative - Halloween 2020.jpg Portrays Kirby (with a Jack-o-Lantern hat) and Reporter Waddle Dee (dressed as a witch) preparing to eat a chocolate cake styled after Castle Dedede while a Mumbies, Phanta, and Tedhaun look on from the background. みなさん、どんなハロウィンをお過ごしですか?

われわれはこれからハロウィン風デデデ城ケーキで、おいしく楽しみますよ~っ! では、せーのっ!トリック・オア・トリート!! #HappyHalloween

What kind of Halloween are you having, everyone?
We're going to enjoy a Halloween-style Castle Dedede cake!
Alright, ready? Trick or treat!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Halloween.
Dec 24, 2020 Twitter commemorative - Christmas 2020.jpg Portrays Bell Kirby with the Sleigh Bell rare hat from Kirby Fighters 2, along with a variety of characters: King Dedede eating fried chicken and Meta Knight preparing cake (both traditional for Christmas in Japan), Adeleine and Ribbon decorating a Christmas tree, two Don Puffles and a Ringle, and the Channel PPP Crew celebrating. The Assistant Waddle Dee holds a cue card that reads "Happy Holidays!" 今日はクリスマスイブ!いつもよりちょっぴりごうかなディナーの準備に、みなさん大忙しです!

アドレーヌさんとリボンさんは、わきあいあいと飾りつけをしているご様子♪ おや…?あちこちせわしなく動き回るツリーがもうひとつ…って、カービィさんだったんですね~!?

Today is Christmas Eve! Everyone is busy preparing for a slightly more extravagant dinner than usual!
It looks like Adeleine and Ribbon have gotten together to decorate. ♪
Oh...? There's another tree that seems to be moving on its own... wait, is that Kirby?!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Christmas Eve. The cake depicts Santa Claus and a reindeer.
Dec 31, 2020 Twitter commemorative - New Year's Eve 2020.jpg Portrays Bell Kirby with the Temple Bell rare hat from Kirby Fighters 2, along with several other characters (clockwise starting with top-right): Gooey and Magolor eating traditional toshikoshi soba, Reporter Waddle Dee and Assistant Waddle Dee having a good time, King Dedede and Microphone Waddle Dee also eating soba, and Adeleine and Ribbon watching Queen Sectonia sing on a TV screen in the top-left. Additionally, a single Ringle can be spotted winking under the Kirby. 今日は大みそか!プププランドのみなさんも、思い思いの年越しをしていますよ。

われわれも、大王さまたちと一緒に年越しそばをいただきま~す! おや…?どこからか鐘の音が…って、またカービィさんでしたか! なんだかしんみりして、心地よい音ですね~!

Today is New Year's Eve! We here in Dream Land are celebrating, too.
We're even sharing some toshikoshi soba with the King!
Oh...? I'm hearing a bell from somewhere. That must be... Kirby again!
It's a rather pleasant sound!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates New Year's Eve. The image is very similar to Christmas Eve's commemorative illustration from the week earlier. Queen Sectonia singing on TV references the Kōhaku Uta Gassen, a popular annual New Year's Eve TV special in Japan, which was previously referenced in 2019.