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List of Dedede Directory posts - 2021/2022

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The following is a complete list of all Dedede Directory posts from the Kirby JP Twitter during the year 2021 and 2022.


Most translations were contributed by Kaialone, who granted permission to use their work.

Post date Subject Image Image details Original text and translation Source URL Notes
Jan 13, 2021 Bloon Dedede Directory 71 - Bloon.jpg The image contains artwork and three screenshots of Bloon from Kirby: Canvas Curse. 『タッチ!カービィ』で登場した「プクラ」だな!

風船のようにぷかぷかと浮かんでいるコイツからは、「バルーン」能力が手に入るぞ!右へパタパタ、左へパタパタと手を動して移動する姿は、なかなか愛嬌があるな。 …って、針だらけの所で浮かんでいたら危ないだろ!?もっと安全な場所で飛ばんか~!

It's "Bloon", who appeared in Kirby: Canvas Curse!
This one floats around like a balloon, and you can get the "Balloon" ability from it!
The way it moves about with its hands, fluttering right and left, just looks quite lovely.
...Wait, isn't it dangerous to be floating in a place full of sharp points?!
You gotta fly to a spot that's more safe!

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Feb 17, 2021 Bang-Bang Dedede Directory 72 - Bang-Bang.jpg The image contains Bang-Bang's artwork from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (top-left) and from Kirby: Canvas Curse (bottom-right). It also contains three screenshots from these games. 今回は「ドッコーン」を紹介しよう!

見た目から想像できる通り、コイツからは「ミサイル能力」が手に入るのだ! 『タッチ!カービィ』では、直進するヤツと標的を追うヤツがいたな。何かに当たると爆発するんだが…おい!お前もふっ飛んでるぞーっ!? 体を張ってカービィに挑むその姿、忘れないぜ!

This time I'll be introducing "Bang-Bang"!
As you can guess by its looks, you can get the "Missile" Ability from this guy!
In Kirby: Canvas Curse, there were some of these that went straight ahead and some that'd follow their target.
If it hits anything, it'll explode... Hey! Are you nuts?!
I'll never forget how you risk your own life to challenge Kirby!

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Mar 24, 2021 Drawcia Sorceress and Drawcia Soul Dedede Directory 73 - Drawcia.jpg The images contains artwork in her Sorceress (middle) and Soul (right) form, both from Kirby: Canvas Curse. There are also three screenshots on the left, with two top ones showing her soul, while the other one her Sorceress form. 今回は『タッチ!カービィ』の「ドロシア」を紹介しよう!

プププランドを絵画に変えようとし、カービィをボールにして自由を奪った強敵だ! またコイツは、魔女の「ドロシア ソーサレス」と、真の姿の「ドロシア ソウル」という2つの姿を持つ。 なんとも形容しがたいソウル形態は、実に不気味だな…。

This time I'll introduce "Drawcia" from Kirby: Canvas Curse!
This is that fiend who tried to transform Dream Land into a painting and restrained Kirby by turning him into a ball.
She's also got two forms - her witch form "Drawcia Sorceress", and her true form "Drawcia Soul".
I can't even begin to describe her soul form, it's just really spooky...

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Apr 27, 2021 Kirby Dedede Directory 74 - Kirby's Birthday 2021.jpg The images contains artwork of Kirby drooling over cake from Kirby Battle Royale in the center, and of him winking encouragingly in the top row (second to right) from Kirby Mass Attack. The image also has a handful of screenshots: the top row (from left to right) has Kirby eating Strawberry Shortcake (ending cutscene of Kirby: Squeak Squad), spicing up curry while looking like a devil (The Ultimate Choice select from Kirby Star Allies), and getting launched out of Castle Dedede (blooper scene from Kirby Super Star Ultra). In the middle-left, getting kissed by Ribbon (ending cutscene for Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards); in the bottom-left, upset about a colorless apple (opening cutscene for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse); in the middle-right, sleeping peacefully (ending cutscene for Milky Way Wishes, Kirby Super Star); and in the bottom-right, angrily chasing Prince Fluff ("Grumble, Grumble..." cutscene from Kirby's Epic Yarn). カービィの記念日がやってきたな!今年は様々な表情を集めたぞ!


#星のカービィ29周年 #カービィのハッピーバースデー

Kirby's anniversary's here! This year I collected a bunch of his expressions!
I know I already introduced him last year, but I really want you to look at it this time around.
Just look at the image in the top right corner!
That expression from when he lost and I sent him flying! Truly a masterpiece!
...What? This is from the bloopers?! That's not good enough!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Similarly to situation from one year ago, this post was made out of schedule to celebrate Kirby's 29th birthday. King Dedede even links the same tweet from year ago.
May 25, 2021 Daroach Dedede Directory 75 - Daroach.jpg The image contains two screenshots and three pieces of artwork, two of each being from Kirby: Squeak Squad—with the latter of both featuring Dark Daroach—and the third piece of artwork being from Kirby Star Allies. コイツは『参上!ドロッチェ団』で謎の盗賊団を率いる団長、「ドロッチェ」!

クールに決めているが、実はトマトが苦手だったり乾燥肌だったり、デリケートな一面があるぞ。 「ダークドロッチェ」は、物語の終盤で不気味な黒い煙に乗っ取られた姿だ。 オレさまのお宝も奪った罰を受けたに違いないっ!

This is "Daroach", the leader of the mysterious gang of thieves in Kirby: Squeak Squad!
'Course he's cool and all, but he's actually got a more delicate side too - like, he can't handle tomatoes, and he's got dry skin.
And "Dark Daroach" is a form he took on when he got taken over by some strange black smoke at the end of the story.
That HAD to be his punishment for daring to steal my treasure!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png While this post doesn't mention the fact that the Squeaks were covered in an earlier tweet, King Dedede does link said tweet.
Jun 8, 2021 The members of the Squeaks (Spinni, Storo, Doc, & Squeakers) Dedede Directory 76 - Members of the Squeaks.jpg The image contains four pieces of artwork, one for each member of the Squeaks mentioned, as well as a screenshot featuring all of the Squeaks from the Squeaks' introductory cutscene, all taken from Kirby: Squeak Squad. 今回はドロッチェ団の団員を紹介だ!

働き者のチューリンに、素早い動きが特徴のスピン。 そして、マシンのスペシャリストのドクと、タフな巨体のストロンだ! 個性的な団員達だろう?中でも、ストロンはこう見えてハミガキをさぼったことがないらしい。 他のヤツにも意外な一面があるかもしれんな!

This time around, let me introduce the members of the Squeaks!
There's the always hard-working Squeakers, and the swift Spinni!
Then there's Doc, the machine specialist, and Storo, the giant tough guy!
That's a pretty distinct selection of members they got there, huh?
For one, despite his looks, apparently Storo is the type to never skip brushing his teeth.
I bet the other guys got some unexpected sides to them, too!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Again, while this post doesn't mention the fact that the Squeaks were covered in an earlier tweet, King Dedede does link said tweet.
Storo's affinity for brushing his teeth was previously mentioned in Kirby Mass Attack.
Jun 25, 2021 Gryll Dedede Directory 77 - Gryll.jpg The image contains three pieces of artwork and two screenshots of Gryll from Kirby's Star Stacker (Super Famicom), one of which shows them hitting Kirby with their broom. 今回は『参上!ドロッチェ団』ではなく、特別に『きらきらきっず』の「グリル」を紹介しよう!

コイツはオレさまとカービィの決戦後に、突然現れることがあるぞ。 威勢良く乱入してくるとは、実力に相当自信があるようだな。 しかしお前…魔法使いなのに、ホウキでぶん殴るのはいいのかーっ!?

Instead of Squeak Squad, this time I'll be introducing "Gryll" from Star Stacker!
This kid suddenly showed up outta nowhere after the climatic battle between me and Kirby.
Well, barging in and raring to go like that does show confidence in one's skill, I guess.
But wait... You're like a witch, so, is it alright for you to be whacking folks with your broom?!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the anniversary of Kirby's Star Stacker. As Dedede points out, the order of this tweet is against the previous, roughly chronological order established up to this point. Kirby's Star Stacker for the SNES was released 7 years prior to Kirby: Squeak Squad.
No gendered terms in this post are used to talk about Gryll, continuing to keep their gender ambiguous.
Jul 14, 2021 Gaw Gaw / Gao Gao Dedede Directory 78 - Gaw Gaw and Gao Gao.jpg The image contains one piece of artwork and one screenshot each for an enemy Gaw Gaw and a Mid-Boss Gao Gao, both found in Nature Notch - Stage 3 from Kirby: Squeak Squad. 『参上!ドロッチェ団』に登場する「ガウガウ」と「ガオガオ」だ!

こいつらからは「アニマル能力」が手に入るぞ! ガオガオは中ボスで、鋭いツメで回転しながら攻撃してくるが、目を回してしまうおっちょこちょいな一面があるらしい。 鍛錬が足りないんじゃないか?オレさまが鍛えてやってもいいぞ!

It's "Gaw Gaw" and "Gao Gao" from Squeak Squad!
You can get the "Animal ability" from these guys!
Gao Gao is a mid-boss and will attack with sharp claws while spinning, but also gets dizzy from that, so it's a bit clumsy, too.
Maybe you just haven't had enough training?
Come on, I can train you!

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Jul 27, 2021 Doc's machines, Mecha-Kracko and Yadgaine Dedede Directory 79 - Docs Machines.jpg The image contains one piece of artwork and one screenshot each for both of the machines mentioned, all from Kirby: Squeak Squad. 今回はドクのスペシャルマシン、「メカクラッコ」と「ヤドガイン」を紹介しよう!

メカクラッコとは消える雲の上で、ヤドガインとはその巨体に追われながらの戦いになるぞ!コピー能力次第ではあのカービィも苦戦必至だったのだ。 よし、オレさま用のかっこいい高性能マシンを作ってくれてもいいぞ!

This time around I'll introduce Doc's special machines, "Mecha Kracko" and "Yadgaine"!
Mecha Kracko is fought on top of vanishing clouds, and Yadgaine chases you with that huge body it's got!
Depending on his Copy Abilities, Kirby must've had trouble fighting these ones too, I bet.
Alright! You can go ahead and build some cool high-performance machine for me, too!

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Aug 11, 2021 Moley / Mrs. Moley Dedede Directory 80 - Moleys.jpg The image contains artwork of Moley from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Kirby Mass Attack, a screenshot of Moley from Mass Attack, and artwork and a screenshot of Mrs. Moley from Kirby: Squeak Squad. 「モーリィ」と「ミセス・モーリィ」だ!

モーリィは『鏡の大迷宮』と『あつめて!カービィ』で、その嫁さんのミセス・モーリィは『参上!ドロッチェ団』で登場したな。 どちらも穴から出てきて、いろんな物を投げてくるぞ! 夫婦喧嘩でもしたら物が飛び交って大変そうだ…いつまでも仲良くしろよ!

It's "Moley" and "Mrs. Moley"!
Moley appeared in Amazing Mirror and Mass Attack, while his wife, Mrs. Moley, appeared in Squeak Squad.
Both of them pop out of holes and throw a bunch of stuff!
If they got into a marital quarrel, all the stuff they'd toss around would probably be a huge pain to deal with... Try to get along forever, please!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png The text confirms that Moley and Mrs. Moley are married.
Aug 25, 2021 Dark Nebula Dedede Directory 81 - Dark Nebula.jpg The image contains artwork of Dark Nebula from Kirby: Squeak Squad, a screenshot of Daroach's Smack-in-the-Box from Kirby Star Allies, and three screenshots from Kirby: Squeak Squad: Dark Nebula's electric form, Dark Nebula's fire form, and a cutscene of Daroach getting possessed. コイツは『参上!ドロッチェ団』のラスボス、「ダークゼロ」!


This is the final boss of Squeak Squad - "Dark Nebula"!
It's a crafty fella who took over Daroach's body after being resurrected from the treasure chest.
Seems they also call it "ruler of the underworld"... Hmph! Well, I'M the great king who rules over Dream Land!
What the heck are YOU supposed to be the ruler of, that chest you were in?!

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Sep 8, 2021 Cappy Dedede Directory 82 - Cappy.jpg The image contains Cappy's artwork from Kirby Super Star Ultra (left), Kirby's Dream Land (top-center; with cap), Kirby Air Ride (bottom-center), and Kirby: Canvas Curse (top-right; both with and without cap). A screenshot of Sword Kirby Down Thrusting Cappys in Kirby's Return to Dream Land can also be seen in bottom-right corner. 今回は「キャピィ」の紹介だ!


This time I'm introducing "Cappy"!
These guys have been showing up since the very first game, always bouncing up and down.
And when they do stand still, you'll prolly confuse them for mushrooms!
Seems like there's some shy fellas among them that get flustered when they lose their caps.
Well, in that case, you oughta try and learn from MY regal mannerisms!

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Sep 29, 2021 Corori Dedede Directory 83 - Corori.jpg The image contains artwork of Corori from Kirby's Dream Land 3 (top-right), and two screenshots — one at the top-left and the other at the bottom-right — from the same game. Additionally, a screenshot of his appearance in the Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer is included at the bottom-left. 今回紹介するのは、『星のカービィ3』のアイスバーグで登場した「コロリ」だ!

なんと、来春発売の最新作『星のカービィ ディスカバリー』にも登場するらしい!

This time around I'm introducing "Corori", who appeared in Iceberg from Kirby's Dream Land 3!
Just when you're thinking they might be playing in the snow with their knit caps, they'll roll snowballs at you once you get closer.
Apparently they'll even show up in the latest game that's releasing next spring, "Kirby and the Forgotten Land"!
Their first appearance in forever, basically.
Alright, better get excited for it!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png King Dedede has already covered Corori before, in the last 2019 post of the Dedede Directory series along with Don Puffle, Dekofloof, Ringle, and Snoppy. King Dedede doesn't acknowledge it, however.
This is the first time an appearance from a game that hasn't been released yet is covered.
Oct 13, 2021 Plasma Wisp Dedede Directory 84 - Plasma Wisp.jpg This image contains Plasma Wisp's artwork from Kirby Super Star Ultra (center), Kirby Super Star (top-left), and Kirby Air Ride (top-right), as well as two screenshots from Kirby Super Star Ultra at the bottom. さて、今回からは『ウルトラスーパーデラックス』に登場したヤツらを紹介していくか!


Alright, how about I introduce these fellas, who appear in "Super Star Ultra"?
This is "Plasma Wisp"!
Its body looks like a flame, and you can get the "Plasma ability" from it!
It builds up electric energy and then fires off several different moves!
Must be pretty handy to be able to create energy all by yourself!

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Oct 27, 2021 Bandana Waddle Dee Dedede Directory 85 - Bandana Waddle Dee.jpg This image shows Bandana Waddle Dee's artwork from Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby Fighters 2, Kirby Battle Royale, and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, as well as screenshots from Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Return to Dream Land (with Magolor cropped in), and Super Kirby Clash, with his dialogue box from Kirby Super Star Ultra. コイツはワドルディの代表、「バンダナワドルディ」!青いバンダナがトレードマークだ。

『星のカービィ Wii』以降はカービィに協力していることが多いようだが…オレさまのことも忘れるなよ~!

This guy is the representative of Waddle Dees, "Bandana Waddle Dee"!
His trademark is his blue bandana. In Super Star Ultra, he fought hard to defeat Kirby when he got into my castle!
After Kirby's Return to Dream Land, it seems that he often cooperates with Kirby... Don't forget about me!

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Nov 10, 2021 Heavy Lobster Dedede Directory 86 - Heavy Lobster.jpg This image shows Heavy Lobster's artwork from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, as well as screenshots from the aforementioned games as well as one from Kirby Mass Attack. 『ウルトラスーパーデラックス』などに登場した「ヘビーロブスター」だ!


This is "Heavy Lobster", who appeared in Super Star Ultra, and other things!
You can copy the rare "Paint Ability" from this guy's attacks.
In "Revenge of Meta Knight" it kept chasing after Kirby even as the Battleship Halberd was getting wrecked in the process.
Maybe I oughta try deploying this guy at my castle... Actually, no, it'd just make a huge mess...!

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Nov 24, 2021 Meta-Knights with Captain Vul and Sailor Waddle Dee Dedede Directory 87 - Halberd Crew.jpg This image contains a screenshot (top-center) of Meta-Knights along with Meta Knight from Kirby: Planet Robobot (Meta Knightmare Returns). It also contains Kirby Super Star Ultra artwork of (clockwise starting from top-right): Javelin Knight, Sailor Waddle Dee, Axe Knight, Mace Knight and Trident Knight. A sprite of Captain Vul can be seen at the bottom-left corner. 今回は「メタナイツ」を紹介しよう!


This time I'll be introducing the "Meta-Knights"!
They were following Meta Knight in "Revenge of Meta Knight", alongside Captain Vul and Sailor Waddle Dee.
I hear the climax of their battle with Kirby was one final confrontation aboard their battleship, as it was crashing down. Lots of great moments there!
Though, seems like a few of these guys went and hid a secret stash of goodies, but let's cut them some slack, alright?

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Dec 8, 2021 Burning Leo Dedede Directory 88 - Burning Leo.jpg This image contains artwork of Burning Leo from Kirby Super Star Ultra (center) and Kirby Super Star (bottom-left). It also contains two screenshots from Kirby Star Allies (top-left - gameplay, bottom-right - opening cutscene), and one from Kirby Super Star Ultra. 燃えるたてがみが自慢の「バーニンレオ」を紹介しよう!


Let me introduce "Burning Leo", who takes pride in his burning mane!
He appears in Super Star Ultra, among other titles, and you can obtain the "Fire Ability" from him.
There's other folks who use flames just like he does, but this guy has also been acting as a Helper!
I know you're used to handling fire, but you better be extra careful around my castle, got it?!

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Dec 22, 2021 Masked Dedede Dedede Directory 89 - Masked Dedede.jpg This images contains Masked Dedede's artwork from Kirby Super Star Ultra on the left, and a screenshot from that game as well (top-center). In addition, screenshots of his Masked Dedede's Revenge form from Kirby: Triple Deluxe (top-right) and Giant Masked Dedede from Kirby's Blowout Blast (bottom). むむっ!このイカした仮面に巨大なハンマーは…そう、「マスクド・デデデ」!


Hm! Look at that sweet mask and the giant hammer... That's right, it's "Masked Dedede"!
No one knows the identity of this warrior, who first showed up in Super Star Ultra!
He's appeared before Kirby many times, always challenging him to battle and showing off his unyielding spirit - a pretty manly fella, that guy...
I bet he's a real looker under that mask of his!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Perhaps facetiously, Dedede claims not to know who Masked Dedede is, instead pretending that he is a separate individual.
Jan 12, 2022 Galacta Knight Dedede Directory 90 - Galacta Knight.jpg This image contains Galacta Knight's artwork from Kirby Super Star Ultra (left), his screenshots from Kirby: Planet Robobot (top), Kirby Star Allies (bottom-center), and Kirby's Return to Dream Land (right), as well as a still frame from the "Galactic Knight" cutscene in Kirby Super Star Ultra. 時空や時代を超えて現れるナゾの剣士「ギャラクティックナイト」だな。


A mysterious swordfighter who appears across time, space, and eras - "Galacta Knight".
There's records of this dangerous fella showing up and getting sealed away in many worlds.
They call him the strongest in the galaxy - and with that kinda power on his side, I hear even Kirby and Meta Knight had a hard time battling him... *gulp*
D-Don't you worry! As long as I'm here, I'll fend him off as many times as it takes!

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