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List of Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustrations - 2021

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The following is a complete list of all Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustration posts for the year 2021.


Post date Image Image details Original text and translation Source URL Notes
Jan 1, 2021 Twitter commemorative - New Year's Day 2021.jpg Portrays a stylized outdoor scene where several characters are riding a wave on the ocean. Aboard the Lor Starcutter are Kirby (with the Paper Parasol from Kirby Fighters Deluxe), King Dedede, Meta Knight, Magolor, Taranza, Susie, and three out of the four Channel PPP Crew members (Reporter Waddle Dee, Microphone Waddle Dee, and Camera Waddle Dee). In the ocean, a Squishy and a Carpa can be seen, as well as Gooey riding in Kine's mouth and Assistant Waddle Dee riding on a Driblee. Assistant Waddle Dee holds a sign that says 「新年」 ("New Year"). In the distant background, Castle Dedede can be seen, as well as Shadow Kirby riding a Warp Star and wielding a Parasol. あけましておめでとうございます!

新年一発目!みなさんに福が訪れることを願い、カービィさんたちと宇宙船「ローア」に乗ってお届けしまーすっ! 打ち上がる波と初日の出が…う、美しいです~っ!!なんだか元気がわいてきました! わたくしたちもまた、今年一年はりきってまいりますよ~!

Happy New Year!
Let's start this year off with a bang! We hope that good fortune finds you all, because Kirby and company are delivering it on the starship, Lor!

The rising waves and the first sunrise of the year, they're simply... b-beautiful!! I'm already feeling better!
We'll continue to do our best this year!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates New Year's Day. Notably, Kirby and Shadow Kirby both appear with the Parasol ability, likely referencing how Shadow Kirby always has the same ability as Kirby in Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Kirby Fighters 2.
Mar 16, 2021 Twitter commemorative - KSA 3rd anniversary.jpg Portrays an outdoor scene on a beach with several characters having fun. From top to bottom, Kirby and Void Soul can be seen riding on a Friend Star like good buddies, Zan Partizanne (wearing a straw hat) trying to catch unhooded Hyness, Francisca (with a Chumbrella) seemingly talking with Flamberge, and a Coner looking at all of them in curiosity. The entire scene takes place on a beach, with the scenery being similar to that of Reef Resort. At the top, a rainbow with text underneath it reading "❤3rd❤ Anniversary" can be seen. ジャマハローア!

本日は『星のカービィ スターアライズ』発売3周年だ! 私、ザン・パルルティザーヌが記念イラストをお届けしよう。 我ら三魔官とハイネス様で、バカンスに行った時の様子か? フッ、誰もが幸せそうで思わず微笑んでしまうな。

Today is the third anniversary of Kirby Star Allies!
I, Zan Partizanne, bring you a commemorative illustration.
Is this a picture of us three mages and Lord Hyness on vacation?
Hah, everyone looks so happy, I can't help but smile.

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the third anniversary of the release of Kirby Star Allies. The artwork is similar to the "Let Them Know We're Happy" Celebration Picture, as both feature the Three Mage-Sisters relaxing on a beach with unhooded Hyness and a Coner, a Chumbrella being held by Francisca, and Zan Partizanne wearing a straw hat. They also both include a rainbow in a starry sky and feature Kirby riding the Friend Star.
Apr 27, 2021 Twitter commemorative - Kirby's Birthday 2021.jpg Portrays a Friend Train consisting of Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee, and the Channel PPP Crew against a colorful abstract background. Kirby's Friend Train hat has the number "29" imprinted on it, Bandana Waddle Dee has popped a confetti popper, Reporter Waddle Dee has a cake, Microphone Waddle Dee has a present, and Assistant Waddle Dee is holding a note that reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". カービィさん、お誕生日おめでとうございます!!

今年は「フレンズれっしゃ」で大王さまたちと一緒にお祝いです!しゅっしゅっぽっぽっ!ドンドン!パフパフ~!!!! これからもいろんな冒険の舞台を、元気に駆け抜けていってくださ~いっ!



Happy birthday, Kirby!!
Today, we're celebrating by joining a "Friend Train" with the King and his friends! Chugga, chugga, choo, choo! Honk, toot, and bammity-bam!!
We hope you'll keep running through the adventure stages with high spirits!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates Kirby's 29th anniversary in Japan.
Aug 11, 2021 Twitter commemorative - Kirby Frozen Food.jpg Portrays Kirby using Ice + Pitch making melon-flavored shaved ice, while Reporter Waddle Dee eats one of the melon balls. In the background, the rest of the Channel PPP Crew and Ice Dragon are also enjoying shaved ice, with Microphone Waddle Dee and Camera Waddle Dee sitting together, Assistant Waddle Dee holding a sign that says 「ひんやり」 ("feeling cool"), and Microphone Waddle Dee experiencing brain freeze. 毎日暑いですね~!!こんな日は冷たいモノが食べたくなっちゃいます!…おや?カービィさん、ピッチさんを抱えて一体何を… ええ~っ!?お口から細かい氷がたくさん出てきましたよ!? まるで「かき氷屋さん」の様ですっ!そのまま具をのせてシロップをかけて…いっただっきま~す!!

It's been so hot lately! On days like these, you just want to eat something cold. ...Hmm? Kirby, what are you doing with Pitch in your arms...?

Huh!? Icy mist is coming out of his mouth!?
It's like a shaved ice shop! Just add some ingredients, pour syrup over top, and... let's eat!!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png
Sep 23, 2021 KatFL Kirby JP art 1.jpg Portrays Kirby viewing two Awoofies as they charge towards him, while a third stands on a Star Block and looks surprised. Elfilin and the Channel PPP Crew look frightened (besides Camera Waddle Dee, who is excluded from the image, likely because he is filming the scene). ワドルディレポート隊です!カービィさんを追いかけていたら、なんと未知なる世界に…!



This is the Waddle Dee Report Team!
We were following Mr. Kirby and ended up in a different world...!

Alright! Here's our chance to interview him!
...Wait, whoa! Looks like a not-so-friendly welcome committee is approaching from behind!
Wh-what's gonna happen now?!


Twitter link (Japanese) Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the announcement of Kirby and the Forgotten Land on the September 23rd Nintendo Direct. This image was also posted to the English Nintendo of America feed, albeit without the "Channel PPP LIVE" logo in the top-right.
KatFL Kirby JP art 1 alt.jpg Are you excited for Kirby's next adventure? Twitter link (English) Twitter favicon.png
Sep 24, 2021 Twitter commemorative - Kirby Fighters 2 1st.jpg Shows Wrestler Kirby (holding a championship belt), King Dedede & Meta Knight (the former holding half of a Maxim Tomato), and Bandana Waddle Dee on a black background with a fiery "X". なんと!本日で『カービィファイターズ2』の配信開始から1年を迎えました~っ!


Wow! It's the first anniversary of the release of "Kirby Fighters 2"!
Are you enjoying the hot, passionate battles?
Whether you are a veteran fighter or a newcomer to the battlefield, do continue to challenge yourself to be the strongest!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png Commemorates the 1st anniversary of Kirby Fighters 2.
This illustration was originally drawn by designer Higashito for "Kirby Fighters 2 Vol. 4" blog post on HAL's official website. The Kirby JP Twitter version removes his signature from bottom-right corner for unknown reasons.
Oct 29, 2021 Twitter commemorative - Buddy Star Blaster.jpg Shows Wrestler Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee on a Buddy Star Blaster, with King Dedede, Meta Knight, Microphone Waddle Dee, and Reporter Waddle Dee fleeing an explosion caused by Magolor throwing Gem Apple bombs at them. Assistant Waddle Dee is holding a sign that says 「バディ」 ("buddy") and hitching a ride on the Buddy Star Blaster, much to the shock of Bandana Waddle Dee. 肌寒い日は体を動かして温まりましょう!題して「バディde障害物競走」~!


Let's warm up your body in a chilly day! It's called the "Buddy Obstacle Race"~!
Passing through the obstacles, the Great King and Sir Meta Knight are leading!
Oh! Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee got on a Buddy Star Blaster that suddenly appeared, and they are hurrying to catch up!
...Isn't that against the rules?!

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png
Dec 24, 2021 Twitter commemorative - Star Block cakes.jpg Shows Kirby eating cakes resembling Star Blocks alongside King Dedede and Meta Knight. Magolor is baking cakes as well. The Channel PPP crew is reviewing as Marx gets tired from stirring food. An Invincible Candy can be seen in Kirby's cake. おいしいケーキが食べられるパーティーがあると聞いて、レポートにやってきましたっ!いままで知らなかったのですが、星ブロックって食べられたんですね~、これはスクープですっ!いったいどんなお味なんでしょうか?


We heard that there was a party where you could eat delicious cake, so we came to report! We didn't know this until now, but you can eat Star Blocks, what a scoop! I wonder what they taste like?
Oh? Marx and Magolor are acting different than the usual...?

Twitter link Twitter favicon.png