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Melody Town (theme)

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Melody Town (theme)
Different versions of "Melody Town"
Debut appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Last appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
Composer(s) Tomoya Tomita[1]
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"Melody Town", named "Theme from Melody Town" in the British English version, is the piece that plays in the stage with the same name in Kirby's Epic Yarn and its remake. It was composed by Tomoya Tomita.


"Melody Town" can be seen as a version of "Flower Fields", as they have similar composition and melodic structure. It is also similar to "Big-Bean Vine" in that they share time signatures and some aspects of the melody.

"Melody Town" plays in the key of A major in 12/8 (or swung 4/4), primarily by a piano. A brief intro sets the pace and tone for the composition. The melody is highly syncopated and revolves around the tonic triad, accompanied by simple intervals, with its first three notes resembling the main melody of "Big-Bean Vine". In the second section the melody skips in fourths and fifths within an octave, ornamented by a large trill, and after it plays a second time an octave lower and suspends, the strings and a triangle join for a third section, which alternates solemn rising chords and playful descending seconds. This passage is strikingly similar to "Big-Bean Vine"'s analogous strings section. The final piano section goes back and forth before returning to the original range. A longer version of the intro with the usage of a chromatic note plays, and the track loops.

Much like "Melody Town", "Blub-Blub Ocean" plays in A major and has syncopations. The rhythm is slightly altered, including doubled notes in place of longer ones. This version of the theme plays in true 4/4. A xylophone joins the piano for the majority of this shorter track, which primarily bases off "Melody Town"'s final section.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby's Epic Yarn / Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn[edit]

"Melody Town" can be heard in the following stages:


  • The music for Melody Town was composed before the musical effects were added to the stage.[2] As such, the harps and pianos play in the key of A major, much like the piece itself. Walking over the last keyboard in the stage plays the "Flower Fields" theme.

Names in other languages[edit]

Melody Town[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メロディタウン
Melody town
Canadian French Village mélodie Melody town
European French Village mélodique Melodic town
German Dorf der Musik Melody Town
Italian Orchestropoli Orchestropolis
Korean 멜로디 타운
mellodi taun
Melody Town
Latin American Spanish Pueblo melodía Melody town
European Spanish Melodia Melody

Blub-Blub Ocean[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブクブクのうみ
Bukubuku no umi
Blub-blub ocean
Canadian French Océan Bloup-Bloup Blub-Blub Ocean
European French Océan tumultueux Tumultuous ocean
German Blub-Blub-Ozean Blub-Blub Ocean
Italian Oceano Glubglu Blipper Ocean
Korean 뽀글뽀글 바다
ppogeulppogeul bada
Blub-Blub Ocean
Latin American Spanish Océano Glu-Glú Blub-Blub Ocean
European Spanish Mar Remolino Whirlpool Sea


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  2. "The team told me beforehand they were considering adding a stage focused on musical instruments, so I asked them to consult me before they started creating it so we could make sure the music matched. Then, one day, Melody Town was completed without so much as a word from the team." –Interview with Tomoya Tomita