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Seeing how this was used on Patch Castle and looking at what kind of information is in it in general, I'm assuming this was meant to be a Stage infobox and not a Level infobox? Levels, as usually defined throughout the Kirby series, are stuff like Hot Land and Treat Land, while stages are places like Fountain Gardens (I know that article itself gets it wrong, possibly others too, probably explaining the confusion :\). Both of these will need an infobox eventually, but this one appears to be the stage one; if that's the case, would anyone oppose moving it to Infobox-KEYStage?--Vellidragon 08:49, 9 May 2011 (CDT)

I would definitely not, I didn't know the naming procedures while deciding on the title so I chose the first off the top of my head. Moving it would be totally fine with me. --Kirbyguy1 (Talk)