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Snowy Fields (theme)

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Snowy Fields
Various arrangements of "Snowy Fields".
Debut appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Last appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
Composer(s) Tomoya Tomita[1]
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"Snowy Fields", named "Theme from Snowy Fields" in the British English version, is a theme from Kirby's Epic Yarn and its remake that plays in the stage with the same name, as well as Evergreen Lift. It was composed by Tomoya Tomita.[1]


Kirby rides a giant snowball down the snowy fields.

"Snowy Fields" is a cheerful orchestrated theme in C major and 4/4. It begins with a triumphant intro, which uses a variant of the "Flower Fields" melody, featuring a trumpet, sleigh bells, and harp glissandi; the latter two become recurring elements of the piece. Transitioning to the main melody is a characteristic wintery sequence of descending thirds and fourths. The violin melody is simple, switching from a high A to G and low G to A, thus forming plagal cadences, and then ending in a perfect cadence. This plays twice. The same functions continue in the lyrical second E-flat major section with a less spread out melody. Nearing its end, it slowly builds up, and the first section is reprised in G-flat/F-sharp major. Building up again with a flute trill and chords similar to the transitions of "Dusk Dunes", a grandiose modulation occurrs. The soulful new A major section moves up triads in first inversion three times, leading to the bright harmonies of F-sharp minor before returning with the addition of bells and repeating, reaching new heights the second time. After ending on a warm A major chord, the harmonies switch to F major, the subdominant back to C, and the track loops.

Other appearances[edit]

"Snowy Fields" was rearranged in the Kirby Memorial Arrangements album as part of the "Epic Yarn" medley, alongside "Fountain Gardens", "Big-Bean Vine" and "Dream Land". This remix was done by Megumi Ohara.


  • "Snowy Fields" was written on Christmas (December 25th). The composer, Tomoya Tomita, loves snow and often thinks about Christmas when composing music for snow stages.[2]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゲールせつげん
tamagēru setsu gen
Astonishing snowfield
タマゲール is the Katakana spelling of 魂消たまげる, meaning to be astonished or amazed
Canadian French Champ enneigé Snowy field
European French Balade hivernale Winter stroll
German Winterwatteland Winter cotton land
Italian Campi innevati Snowy Fields
Korean 새하얀 설원
saehayan seol-won
Pure white snow
Latin American Spanish Campos nevados Snowy fields
European Spanish Campo Helado Frozen Field


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