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Mirror Door

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Mirror Door
KaTAM Mirror Door artwork.png
Artwork of the Mirror Door leading to Central Circle
Type Stage prop
Function Means of travel through the Mirror World
Found Connecting rooms in stages
Game(s) Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Similar to Door, Dimension Mirror
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This article is about doors as they appear in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. For doors in a more general context, see Door.

Mirror Doors are the Mirror World equivalent of doors. They have the form of a door, and connect different rooms and areas.


There is at least one Mirror Door in most rooms, excluding boss rooms, and Warp Star rooms. Some mirrors lead only one way through, after which Kirby cannot come back through the other way. Most others, however, lead both ways. Mirror Doors usually appear near the edge of a screen, though some appear in various places around a room. Some mirrors are hidden and can only be uncovered by destroying the blocks covering it. Yet others are only accessible with a special ability.

Appearance in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror[edit]

Mirror Doors appear in a variety of ways. In general, Mirror Doors appear as clear mirrors with a rotating star above and a border around them. Unvisited Mirror Doors have a blue halo around the star at the top. One-way Mirror Doors are indicated by the smaller star above them. In the main room (Rainbow Route lobby), each Mirror Door, all of which lead to a separate area, has a special appearance reflecting upon the area behind the mirror. Each of the smaller lobbies also have such doors with special appearances, and two regular ones. The Dimension Mirror is accessible after collecting all eight Mirror Shards.



The Mirra enemy covers up a mirror and burrows in the ground when Kirby approaches too closely, leaving the mirror that was covered inaccessible until the player revisits the room again. To access the Mirror Door under a Mirra, Kirby must inhale and blow his breath at Mirra or use a ranged attack.

Subsequent game appearances[edit]

Two Mirror Doors make an appearance in subsequent installments in the Kirby series. The first is the Dimension Mirror, which appears again in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, at the end of Dededetour! The mirror is said to be responsible for Queen Sectonia's turn to evil, and it summons forth two enemies to do battle with King Dedede; in Shadow Dedede and Dark Meta Knight's Revenge. After defeating these foes, Dedede destroys the mirror.

The second door is known as the Black Mirror, which resembles the Dimension Mirror, but is black and thorned and connects to Another Dimension. It is responsible for the tribulations of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe's storyline, and is controlled by King D-Mind. Team Kirby is tasked with defeating the king of darkness, and destroying the mirror with him inside.