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Cabbage Cavern - Boss

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Cabbage Cavern - Boss
K&TAM Moley.png
Kirby faces off against Moley in the Boss room.
Host area Cabbage Cavern
Linked from Room 16
Links to Rainbow Route - Central Circle
Treasure Chest(s) No
Boss Moley
Theme music

Clip of "Boss Battle Theme" from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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Cabbage Cavern - Boss is a room in Cabbage Cavern, the third area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. In this room, Kirby battles the boss Moley.


This room is reachable from Room 16. Once Moley is defeated, Kirby returns to Rainbow Route - Central Circle after completing his dance.


Main article: Moley

The room consists of a long winding tunnel which leads to a large chamber with segments of varying altitude. On each segment is a mound of rock where Moley can emerge from; with three on the floor and three on the ceiling. Moley attacks by entering from one of these mounds at random, and then tossing an object, either a large boulder, a bomb, or a spiky ball. These objects can be inhaled and spat back at him when he emerges, or can be swallowed for various Copy Abilities.

Once Moley is defeated, he emerges from the floor mound to the right and slumps over dazed, relinquishing the mirror shard. Once collected, Kirby and any buddies present will dance in a different empty room before returning to Rainbow Route.


Cabbage Cavern Area Map
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