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Radish Ruins - Boss

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Radish Ruins - Boss
K&TAM Mock Meta Knight.png
Kirby appears to contend with Meta Knight in the Boss room.
Host area Radish Ruins
Linked from Room 23
Links to Rainbow Route - Central Circle
Treasure Chest(s) No
Boss ???
Theme music

Clip of the "Dark Meta Knight" theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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Radish Ruins - Boss is a room in Radish Ruins, the eighth area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. In this room, Kirby duels with a suspiciously-unchivalrous Meta Knight for one of the mirror shards.


This room is reachable from Radish Ruins - Room 23. Once the boss is defeated, Kirby returns to Rainbow Route - Central Circle after completing his dance.


Main article: Dark Meta Knight

Kirby finds himself in a flat area with thick grasses in the background. From the shadows, Meta Knight appears and raises his sword against Kirby, but he is not acting like his usual self. He does not offer Kirby a sword, nor does he fight fair. He does however appear to be less skilled with the sword, as he is less able to block attacks, and leaves Dropped Stars when striking.

After being defeated, Meta Knight's mask breaks as usual, but he also changes to a darker hue before vanishing, suggesting he was not really Meta Knight. Once the doppelganger is defeated, Kirby and his buddies may collect the next Mirror Shard in peace and then return to Rainbow Route.


Radish Ruins Area Map
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