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Moonlight Mansion - Boss

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Moonlight Mansion - Boss
KatAM King Golem.png
Kirby faces off against King Golem in the Boss room.
Host area Moonlight Mansion
Linked from Room 10
Links to Rainbow Route - Central Circle
Treasure Chest(s) No
Boss King Golem
Theme music

Clip of "Boss Battle Theme" from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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Moonlight Mansion - Boss is a room in Moonlight Mansion, the second area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


This is a boss room. Defeating the boss allows Kirby to return to the Rainbow Route - Central Circle.


Main article: King Golem

As soon as Kirby enters this room, he falls down to a wide flat area with King Golem occupying the right side of the screen. This boss has two primary ways of attacking; the first involves slamming the ground to cause large rocks (and occasionally Gordos) to fall from the ceiling and then bounce away, and the second has the king spitting out smaller Golems (any of the three types) to attack Kirby. The rocks and Golems can be inhaled and used as ammunition against King Golem.

Once King Golem is defeated, Kirby may collect a piece of the Dimension Mirror (or a Maxim Tomato if re-visiting). He then does his dance and returns to the Central Circle.

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