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Radish Ruins - Room 1

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Radish Ruins - Room 1
KaTAM Radish Ruins Room 1.png
Kirby activates the Bomb Block in Room 1.
Host area Radish Ruins
Linked from Cabbage Cavern - Hub 3
Links to Cabbage Cavern - Hub 3
Room 2
Treasure Chest(s) No
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Radish Ruins - Room 1 is a room in Radish Ruins, the eighth area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


This room links to Cabbage Cavern - Hub 3 below, and Radish Ruins - Room 2 to the left.


This room is an underground tunnel, reminiscent of the adjacent area in Cabbage Cavern. In the middle, a large room can be accessed, mostly blocked off by a Bomb Block barrier. Breaking it reveals the proper entrance to the ruins area, in the form of a decorative door that looks like a face. Entering the 'mouth' leads to Room 2.

There are no enemies or items to collect in this room.


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