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It's Kirby Time: Sweet Dreams, Kirby

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It's Kirby Time: Sweet Dreams, Kirby
Itsudemo Kirby 1 Good Night Kirby cover.jpg
Cover art for It's Kirby Time: Sweet Dreams, Kirby
Book # 1
Video # 3
Release date December 6th, 2019
Video release July 22nd, 2022
Illustrator Rurutea
Book order
First book The Gift of a Star
Video order
Take Courage Together with Kirby
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Kirby is ready to turn in for the night, but a few of the residents of Dream Land have other plans.
Enjoy this cozy tale complete with plenty of Kirby's adorable expressions as he tries to sink into a peaceful sleep.

— Official English YouTube adaptation description

It's Kirby Time: Sweet Dreams, Kirby is the first book of the It's Kirby Time series. It was published by Shogakukan in Japan on December 6th, 2019[1] alongside The Gift of a Star. A video adaptation was released on July 22nd, 2022, available in several languages.

In this story, Kirby is napping in his house, and is unable to join his friends in various activities due to being too sleepy.


Characters of "It's Kirby Time: Sweet Dreams, Kirby"  
Main characters
Minor characters & cameos

Plot synopsis[edit]

It is evening in Dream Land. Bandana Waddle Dee pays Kirby a visit and asks his friend to play with him, but Kirby yawns, sleepy. Later in the evening, Chef Kawasaki comes and offers Kirby pancakes, which makes him dream of them. Then, Magolor arrives and suggests going on a trip on the Lor Starcutter to explore the stars, but Kirby is already exploring his dreams. Marx wants to pull a prank on King Dedede with Kirby, which makes the puffball giggle in his sleep. Finally, Meta Knight offers to read a book. Seeing that Kirby is asleep, his friends gather around the window and wish him sweet dreams.




English video adaptation

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おやすみカービィ
Oyasumi Kābyi
Good night, Kirby
Dutch Welterusten, Kirby Goodnights, Kirby
French Fais de beuaux rêves, Kirby Sweet dreams, Kirby
German Süße Träume, Kirby Sweet dreams, Kirby
Italian Sogni d'oro, Kirby Sweet dreams, Kirby
Korean 잘 자, 커비
jal ja, keobi
Sleep well, Kirby
Portuguese Bons sonhos, Kirby Sweet dreams, Kirby
Literally, "Good dreams, Kirby"
Latin American Spanish Dulces sueños, Kirby Sweet dreams, Kirby