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The Skull Gang

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The Skull Gang
Various arrangements of "The Skull Gang".
Debut appearance Kirby Mass Attack (2011)
Last appearance Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (2015)
Composer(s) Shogo Sakai
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This article is about the music track. For the antagonistic group in Kirby Mass Attack, see Skull Gang.

"The Skull Gang" is the primary characteristic theme of the Skull Gang in Kirby Mass Attack. It was composed by Shogo Sakai.


The Skull Gang appears.

"The Skull Gang" is an eerie theme in A minor and 4/4. The attack of its notes is inversed, giving it an unnatural sound resembling a cackle. It begins with a trill and descent into tonic. The harmonic structure is simple, shifting from a descending tonic to dominant triad, with a D-sharp as a distinguishing feature. This melody repeats an octave higher. The second section hints at A major and C major while rising up thirds. The final section consists of three diminished arpeggios, after which the track loops starting with a trill.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Mass Attack[edit]

"The Skull Gang" makes its first appearance here as the leitmotif of the Skull Gang, playing during their ambushes. Several remixes are heard throughout the game besides the original:

  • "Skulls Swing In": plays at a higher pitch, during the transitional cutscene before reaching Sandy Canyon.
  • "Foes Spring Up": truncated arrangement with ominous cackles and the notable absence of the melody itself. Plays in Volcano Valley - Stage 7 if the Kirbys end up going through an Ill Gate, and in Volcano Valley - Stage 8 if the Kirbys don't manage to defeat the last Rock Hand.
  • "Dark Island": slower, heavier-sounding hub world music when Necro Nebula appears.
  • "Terrifying Fiend": a partial remix, plays during the battle against Necrodeus. Has a a long intro with flute and synth development of the main melody, first in a build-up, then in a march, before the rest of the track continues in a more faithful variation.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[edit]

An arrangement of "The Skull Gang" (titled "Escape from Grab Hand") plays during Grab Hand ambushes. Another brief arrangement can be faintly heard during the first cutscene of the game where the Grab Hands are shown harassing Elline.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドクロだんのテーマ
dokurodan no tēma
Skull Gang's Theme
Canadian French Les Crânos The Skull Gang
European French La clé des Crânos The Skull Gang's key
German Die Schädli-Bande The Skully Gang
Italian Banda degli Spiriteschi Gang of Skullies
Korean 해골단 테마
haegoldan tema
Skull Gang Theme
Spanish Tropa calavera Skull troop
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドクロだんがあらわれた
dokurodan ga arawareta
The Skull Gang Appears
Canadian French Les crânes apparaissent The skulls appear
European French Les Crânos apparaissent The Skull Gang appears
German Schädel in Sicht Skull in Sight
Italian Arrivano gli Spiriteschi The Skullies arrive
Korean 해골단 출현
haegoldan chulhyeon
Skull Gang Appears
Latin American Spanish Tropa calavera Skull troop
European Spanish Aquí llegan los Kráneos Here come the Skullies
Language Name Meaning
Japanese わきだしてくるてき
waki dashite kurute ki
Enemies Spring Up
Canadian French Ennemis jaillissants Gushing enemies
European French La source du mal The source of evil
German Feinde tauchen auf Enemies emerge
Italian I nemici si fanno vivi The enemies show up
Korean 끝없이 등장하는 적
kkeut-eobs-i deungjanghaneun jeog
Endlessly Appearing Enemies
Latin American Spanish Surgen los enemigos The enemies rise up
European Spanish Enemigos al acecho Enemies lurking
Language Name Meaning
Japanese やみにおおわれたしま
yami ni ōwareta shima
Island Shrouded in Darkness
French Île sombre Dark island
German Düstere Insel Gloomy Island
Italian Isola oscura Dark island
Korean 어둠에 덮인 섬
eodum-e deop-in seom
Island Shrouded in Darkness
Spanish Isla oscura Dark island
Language Name Meaning
Japanese おそろしいてきだ!
osoroshī teki da!
It's a Terrifying Enemy!
French Monstre terrifiant Terrifying monster
German Grausamer Unhold Cruel Fiend
Italian Avversario spaventoso Scary opponent
Korean 무시무시한 적 등장!
musimusihan jeog deungjang!
A Terrifying Enemy Appears!
Spanish Enemigo terrible Terrible enemy
Language Name Meaning
Japanese グラバーからにげろ!
gurabā kara nigero!
Run Away from Grab Hand!
French Échappez à Agripaluche Escape from Grab Hand
German Auf der Flucht vor Schnapphand On the Run from Grab Hand
Italian Fuga da Managguanta Escape from Grab Hand
Spanish ¡Huyendo de Tomanita! Fleeing from Grab Hand!