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WiKirby:Video policy

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WiKirby allows videos to be uploaded or embedded from YouTube and displayed on articles. However, there are rules for which videos can be used on the site, with distinctions to be made between uploaded videos and embedded ones. The following is WiKirby's video policy.

Uploading videos to WiKirby

It is possible for users to upload raw video files (preferably mp4 format) to WiKirby which will then host it. However, WiKirby is primarily considered to be a text and image resource rather than a video one, so videos should be uploaded sparingly and should be kept relatively simple/short, only used where nothing else would suffice. The following are some basic ground rules for uploading videos to WiKirby (these will likely be expanded on/changed in future):

  1. Uploaded videos should not be excessively large in size (not significantly larger than the largest images, which are around 5 MB). Exceptions can be made for official videos that are a bit larger than that, but should be avoided.
  2. Uploaded videos that are the uploader's own work should only be of unedited gameplay footage, unless there is a very good reason otherwise. Generally, collaging different unedited footage in a single video is okay.
  3. Uploaded videos must be the uploader's own work, or uploaded with explicit permission from the original creator. You may upload videos by Nintendo or HAL Laboratory only if they are short unique videos posted on social media such as Twitter, or present in the game itself such as tutorial videos. Trailers, advertisements, cutscenes, and other long videos should never be uploaded; use an embed for that instead.
  4. Uploaded videos are subject to similar quality standards to images and/or audio, and bad quality videos will be deleted. Generally speaking, gameplay footage should follow the same resolution standards as images.
  5. At least for now, you may not upload personal videos for your userpage. It must have some use for the wiki proper.

Embedding videos from YouTube

Any video can theoretically be embedded. However, the following videos should not be embedded into an article under any circumstance:

  • videos which violate the general content policy.
  • videos that do not relate to the Kirby series.
  • community-made content related to the Kirby series (such as animations, tributes, reviews, or theory videos)
  • Unofficial Nintendo gameplay videos which contain extensive editing, voice-overs, or other alterations (speedruns and other superplays also fall under this criteria)

The following videos may be embedded:

  • Videos showcasing unedited and uncommented Nintendo gameplay footage (longplays and walkthroughs generally fall under this criteria)
  • Videos which mirror unedited content from Nintendo or are directly from Nintendo
  • Videos otherwise disbarred from articles may be embedded in user pages with the original creator's permission

When to use a video, and when to use a gif or APNG

In many instances, an animated image such as a gif or APNG is more efficient than a video at conveying information. Before uploading a video, please consider if what you want to convey would be better served as an animated image instead. Generally speaking, a video should be used only if a lot of information needs to be conveyed in one space, or if making an APNG or gif would make the file too large.

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