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WiKirby:Video policy

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WiKirby allows videos to be embedded from YouTube and displayed on articles. However, there are rules for which videos can be used on the site. The following is WiKirby's video policy.

Restrictions and allowances

Any video can theoretically be embedded. However, the following videos should not be embedded into an article under any circumstance:

  • videos which violate the general content policy.
  • videos that do not relate to the Kirby series.
  • community-made content related to the Kirby series (such as animations, tributes, reviews, or theory videos)
  • Unofficial Nintendo gameplay videos which contain extensive editing, voice-overs, or other alterations (speedruns and other superplays also fall under this criteria)

The following videos may be embedded:

  • Videos showcasing unedited and uncommented Nintendo gameplay footage (longplays and walkthroughs generally fall under this criteria)
  • Videos which mirror unedited content from Nintendo or are directly from Nintendo
  • Videos otherwise disbarred from articles may be embedded in user pages with the original creator's permission
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