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Redirects are very helpful. Even if people misspell something, if a redirect is in place, it will send them to where they need to go. The downside to this is that many people will link to redirects in articles (such as linking to "Kirby's Dreamland" instead of the correct "Kirby's Dream Land"), and this will result in inaccuracy and inconsistencies in Wiki links. Be sure to fix these as you see them by correcting the spelling or, if applicable, using piped links!

Using Redirects

To create a redirect, create a page as you normally would, but make the only content of the page this:


Replace "page" with the article you intend to redirect to. Note that redirects can also contain categories, which is occasionally useful when something has been merged into another article but still needs to remain categorizes seperately.

A redirect can also point to specific page sections.

#REDIRECT[[page#section name]]

Keep in mind that, other than a category where appropriate, the redirect page should not include anything besides this code; inserting other information or code will keep the page from redirecting the viewer automatically.

Guidelines for Redirects

Please refrain from creating unnecessary redirects on the wiki. Accepted forms of redirects include:

  • Common misspellings (e.g. "Dreamland" for "Dream Land")
  • Abbreviations (e.g. "KDL2" for "Kirby's Dream Land 2")
  • Alternative titles or names (e.g. "Kirby: Mouse Attack" for "Kirby: Squeak Squad").
  • Capitalization differences that do not take the viewer to the correct page with no redirect in place (e.g. "Kirby: Nightmare In Dream Land" for "Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land"); these are usually required if the title contains inconsistent capitalization, i.e. it capitalizes some words but not others.

Not accepted are:

  • Uncommon typos (such as "Meta Kinght" for "Meta Knight" or "WAddle Dee" for "Waddle Dee")
  • Nonsensical titles (such as "that penguin dude lol" for "King Dedede")
  • Titles with differences in capitalization that do take the user to the correct page even without a redirect (like "Kirby super star" for "Kirby Super Star"). If you are unsure if the redirect is needed, enter the title of the planned redirect into the search bar and click "Go" before you create it. If you end up on the target page in any case by doing this, no further redirects will need to be created.

In general, use common sense when deciding whether or not to create a redirect. Are other visitors likely to type precisely the title of your redirect into the search bar? If the answer is "no", the site is probably not going to profit from such a redirect.