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WiKirby:Localization policy

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Being based in Japan, the Kirby series requires a degree of interpretation in order to be localized into other languages for other regions. Since WiKirby is an English-language wiki, the official American English localization is the one that takes priority in all articles.

Differences in canon

In many cases, not only is the language changed during a localization, but the content is as well. As a result, the canon of various Kirby media can and does differ between languages. When discussing an article whose details are different depending on region, the American English localization should be used first and foremost. For the sake of full information (and often interesting trivia), localization differences in canon should be mentioned in appropriate articles using a "Regional differences" section.

Likewise, article names should reflect the American English localization whenever possible. For more information on this subject, see the Naming policy.

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