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WiKirby:Talk page policy

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On wikis, talk pages are useful for productive discussion between editors regarding how articles should be handled. In order to keep things moving in a meaningful direction, WiKirby has a talk page policy.


Main article: Help:Talk pages

When using a talk page, editors are required to sign their name and the date of their post every time. This can be done easily by typing ~~~~ at the end of their statements.

When starting a new conversation, editors must create a new section with an appropriate title.

When responding to another post, an editor must make sure the response is indented to the right of the post being responded to. Editors must also keep the conversation in one place, and avoid responding to posts on one page in a different page.

Some pages - such as featured content pages - have more specific rules for etiquette that are specifically spelled out on those pages. These should also be followed as appropriate.

Content talk pages

The primary purpose of a talk page for an article, file, template, or other content page is to discuss changes to the content in question. As such, the following discussions are not allowed on these pages:

  • off-topic discussion.
  • comments regarding the subject in particular instead of the page.
  • comments critical of those editing the page.

User talk pages

User talk pages are primarily meant to ask other users questions regarding wiki operation or for administrators+ to give users notices. As such, the following discussions are not allowed on these pages:

  • fraternizing or other non-wiki related discussion. (save that for WiKirby's social media outlets)
  • personal attacks or admonishment.
  • discussions relating only to specific content pages.
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