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Given that the Kirby universe is (unfortunately) not real, and dependent on the real universe to exist in concept, there is a need for articles pertaining to related subjects that are not part of the Kirby franchise. However, there are a number of rules regarding the coverage of non-Kirby content on WiKirby.

Article content

When covering a subject that is not explicitly part of the Kirby series, the editor should begin by using any prescient inter-wiki templates to redirect the reader to a fuller understanding of the subject matter if they wish. Such links could lead to the corresponding subject's page on Wikipedia, a NIWA wiki, or a different wiki. From there, the editor should proceed with an abstract of that subject as normal. After the introduction, however, the editor should only discuss how the subject relates to the Kirby series, whether that be through cameo appearances, references, or other such topics. A more holistic picture of the subject should be left to other wikis catered to them.

If a subject is not directly related to the Kirby franchise, (such as a subject which only appears in a different-franchise game that Kirby content also appears in; e.g. most other fighters in the Super Smash Bros. games) it should not have an article on WiKirby. If such articles are created, they will be removed in accordance with the deletion policy.


To an extent, files like images that are not endemic to the Kirby franchise can be used to illustrate non-Kirby subjects, but these should be used in small quantities only.