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WiKirby:Audio standards

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When it comes to audio files, there are a number of precautions the should be taken to ensure that the sharing of these files remains in legal circles while still being a useful point of illustration. The following are WiKirby's audio standards.

Music tracks

WiKirby strives to one day have an article for every meaningful music track produced for the Kirby franchise. That said, WiKirby understands that sharing all of these tracks in full would constitute a violation of copyright law. As such, whenever a music track is uploaded to WiKirby, and the track in question was not provided free of charge by HAL Laboratory, it should be truncated to a length of no longer than 30 seconds (assuming it is longer than that already).

In order to properly do this, an editor will need to either manually truncate it using a digital audio workstation, or have another user truncate it for them. A free program which can be used to easily truncate audio files is Audacity, which can be downloaded here. All copies of such shared tracks need to be legally owned by all parties involved, and music tracks should never be uploaded before they are truncated.

Proper truncation

To properly truncate a music track, the audio needs to be gradually faded out near the end of the track over a period of roughly two (2) seconds. If the track does not play from the song's beginning, it should also be faded in at the start by a similar metric.

Files that have not been truncated properly should be deleted and replaced with a corrected version, to remove the history.

Sound effects and voice clips

Other audio not classified as music may be uploaded without truncation. Like before, however, these need to have been legally obtained.

Audio quality

Generally, audio should be preserved in as high a quality as possible. This is not possible in all cases, but audio that is unintelligible or otherwise badly distorted should not be uploaded to the wiki under any circumstances.


Naturally, any audio that does not relate to the Kirby franchise should not be uploaded to the wiki excepting personal use in userpages. In such cases, all personal audio needs to have been obtained with the original owner's permission and should follow the general content policy.

Uploading audio files

As with images, any audio uploaded to WiKirby should have information on it filled out using the {{Aboutfile}} template. In this case, only two parameters need to be considered for the type field: "audio" or "officialaudio". The former is used for any audio clip that you created/truncated yourself or received (include a source in the latter case), and the latter is used for any audio file directly retrieved from an official source, such as Nintendo or HAL Laboratory (include a web link source to the original file).