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Generally speaking, there is content that does and does not belong on WiKirby. The following will outline the general content policy of WiKirby.

Non-Kirby content

Main article: WiKirby:Non-Kirby content

Mainly, content that does not relate directly to the Kirby franchise should not be covered on WiKirby. More information can be found on the non-Kirby content page.


As WiKirby seeks to be a full repository of Kirby knowledge, a lot of that information will contain details regarding game plots, easter eggs, unlockable content, and other such material. Where necessary, the {{spoiler}} tag should be used to mark article sections (or whole articles) which are riddled with such content.

Generally speaking, spoiler tags should be used on all front-facing (easily accessible from the main page) content for new (less than 1 year old) Kirby games. Once a game becomes sufficiently old, spoiler tags can be removed from all content that is not meant to be a revealed secret within the game itself.

Datamined content

WiKirby welcomes any datamined content and information from Kirby games into articles, with the proviso that the dataminer in question (and/or the second party uploading the mined material) owns the game being mined.

Coverage of datamined content should deal exclusively with providing insight into the development of the game in question. Any such content that suggests unannounced info on upcoming games or content from games that have not yet been released (and have not been canceled) should not be covered on this wiki under any circumstance. Any users caught violating this standard will be blocked immediately. Contact an administrator privately (via emails or Discord) if you don't know whether a certain datamine meets this standard.


WiKirby seeks to be a unique resource for Kirby content. As such, editors should not seek to lift text or doctored files from other wikis. Editors caught doing this will be severely warned for the first offense, and blocked for repeat offenses, especially if that content came from another Kirby wiki like the Kirby FANDOM.

In addition, editors should never lift text from other websites or official media without properly attributing it with plain text or with the {{Quote}} or {{Cite}} templates.

When using files from another source, it is necessary to specify where the files came from using the appropriate notation depending on subject. More information about that can be found in the formatting file pages guide.

Links to illicit content

WiKirby seeks to operate within the bounds of the law. As such, any links posted within articles to pirated material such as music, scanned Manga pages, episodes of TV shows, or game ROMs not released by the authors/copyright holders is not allowed, and users caught doing this will be blocked.

"Adult" content

WiKirby seeks to be a resource for all ages, much like the Kirby series itself. As such, use of profane language, mature themes, or violent rhetoric is not allowed except in the rare case where it directly describes something being covered in the series. Examples of such exceptions include the following: