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Tables can help to organize otherwise messy content coverage. There are several types of tables and variables to consider when crafting a new table. Generally, the choice becomes obvious after the mess is reigned in by creating a Basic Table to start with. The amount of wiki-markup and planning for some of the more complex tables may seem daunting, but a simple copy/paste from these examples and changing the variables for your project eases the task. Experiment in the Sandbox if necessary; and never hesitate to ask for help. If all else fails, simply resort to requesting a table in the talk page of an article.

Table Construction Terms and Variables

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Basic Tables

This is an example of a basic table. These are excellent starting points to learn how to create tables- or even as a start to clean up a page before creating a more complex table.

Types of Tables Description Uses
Regular A normal table like this one Sums up information in a simple format
Collapsed A table that is initially collapsed, but opens up into a regular-type table. Useful for tables that are very large, or for pages with lots of tables in them.
Sortable A table that can be resorted accordingly Best on large tables, but useful on small ones as well
Irregular Cells Allows Columns and Rows to span further Tiers overlapping information
Column Formatted Lists Place long lists into a table format Reduces senseless page drop-downs

Collapsed Table

Click on the 'Expand' link to cause the table to open up and show its contents. Be sure to retain the ' ' at the end of the table name to separate it from the 'Expand' button.

Kirby's move-set (main series)  
Skill Description Notes
Walk Kirby moves at a modest pace in a given direction, left or right.
Jump Kirby jumps from the ground, which can vary in height depending on how long the player holds the button down. Kirby can also maneuver left or right while jumping.
Hover While in the air, Kirby takes in air, and holds his breath, allowing him to fly by flapping his arms. This method of flight is slow and leaves Kirby vulnerable, but it gets the job done. In some instances, Kirby cannot do this indefinitely, and will have to come back down after a while. Some Copy Abilities will also replace Kirby's method of flight.
Air Bullet While hovering, Kirby can release his taken-in air to come back down, which will fly forward a short distance and damage enemies.
Duck Kirby crouches, taking up less space on the ground, allowing him to dodge some attacks from enemies. Doing this is also necessary to drop through soft platforms and press some Switches.
Inhale Kirby opens his mouth wide and starts sucking in air at a continuous rate. Nearby enemies and objects will fly into his mouth. In almost all cases, Kirby cannot inhale when he has a Copy Ability.
Star Bullet After inhaling something, Kirby can spit it back out as a Star Bullet, which will fly forward at very high speed and damage any enemy it hits. Multiple objects inhaled will be spat out as a Penetrating Bullet which is even stronger, and passes through enemies.
Swallow After inhaling something, Kirby can swallow the object, removing it from the game. Depending on the object, Kirby may gain a Copy Ability. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, swallowing a bubbled object will store it in the Copy Palette.
Swim While underwater, Kirby can swim in any direction, and will not need to come up for air. In newer titles, pressing the jump button while Kirby is swimming will cause him to do a stroke and swim faster.
Dive Attack After falling for long enough, Kirby dives headlong, and can damage enemies he falls onto. This move's effectiveness varies between titles.
Dash Kirby runs along the ground at decent speed, allowing him to pass over small gaps his size. Some Copy Abilities will change the way Kirby's dash functions.
Slide While ducking, Kirby can slide forward along the ground with his feet out front, doing damage to foes in his path. Whether Kirby passes under foes or bounces off them depends on the game.
Drop Ability If Kirby has a Copy Ability, he can discard it, causing a large bouncing star to pop out of him. This star can be inhaled to re-gain the ability or spat as a star bullet. This cannot be done in all cases - usually involving certain Boss fights.
Water Gun While underwater, Kirby can shoot out either a short-range spray or a bubble of water from his mouth which will damage enemies. This move has many different iterations throughout the series. Some Copy Abilities also prevent or enhance its use.
Guard Kirby raises his defense. He cannot move while in this pose, but will prevent or reduce damage from most attacks. Some Copy Abilities can enhance Kirby's guard.
Headbutt In some titles, Kirby can damage enemies by jumping up into them. This move is risky, and will hurt Kirby if he makes contact too late.
Dodge In newer titles, while guarding, Kirby can perform a dodging maneuver to the left, right or in place, completely avoiding a hit if timed correctly, but is briefly vulnerable at the end of the maneuver. This can also be done in the air.
Face-to-Face After eating some Food, Kirby can approach an ally to share the food with them, healing the ally. Allies can also do this for Kirby.
Super Inhale In some titles, if Kirby inhales long enough, or given a special input from the player, Kirby will perform a super inhale, which is more powerful, reaches further, and can inhale or budge objects the normal one cannot. This inhale is also better for swallowing multiple things at once.
Call Helper If Kirby has a Copy Ability, he can expend it to create a friend who has the same moves, which can then be controlled by another player or the CPU. This move exists only in Kirby Super Star (Ultra). If Kirby already has a Helper when he does this, he will discard his ability, and drop it as an item on the ground, which can be inhaled. If the Helper touches the item, it will transform into whatever helper that item corresponds to.
Suppin Beam If Kirby has a helper at his side, he can use this move to revert the helper to an item form, which can then be inhaled for the ability, or spat out as a star bullet. This move exists only in Kirby Super Star (Ultra), and Kirby Star Allies.
Mount/Dismount Animal Friend In Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby can mount one of his animal companions to utilize their special abilities. Kirby can dismount them in the same way to continue by himself.
Piggyback In Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby Star Allies, Kirby can hop onto the back of one of his friends and ride them around. When hopping onto a CPU friend, Kirby can control them directly.
Call Gooey In Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby can call Gooey out from inside him to help. Like the helpers, Gooey can be controlled by another player or the CPU. To remove Gooey from the field, Kirby can inhale and swallow him. While Gooey is out, Kirby has less Stamina.
Hold In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby can hold things he's inhaled above his head, which can have varying effects depending on the thing he had inhaled. Certain enemies when held like this will convey some sort of advantage.
Toss In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, a held item can be tossed either forward, or straight up, to act as projectiles. Enemies bearing copy abilities can be combined into Power Combo stars by doing this.
Cell Phone In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Kirby can pull out his phone and use it to do one of two things. He can either call his clones to come join him, or call a Warp Star to take him back to the Rainbow Route - Central Circle. Calling the clones requires phone battery power.
Make Friend In Kirby Star Allies, Kirby can toss friend hearts at enemies on the field which yield Copy Abilities to make them his allies. Kirby can keep up to three allies at any one time.

Sortable Tables

Click on any of the header icons to shuffle the list. Sortable tables are useful for any comparison lists in which the data in the cells are going to have common elements, such as the "NIWA Status" column.

Wiki Game Series NIWA Status
Metroid WikiMetroid Wiki
Super Mario WikiSuper Mario Wiki
Mario, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong
Wars WikiWars Wiki
Advance Wars, Battalion Wars
Zelda Wiki.orgZelda
Zelda, Tingle

Irregular Cells

  • By using the term: colspan=3, the top cell is able to stretch across 3 column cells.
  • By using the term: rowspan=2, the Game Series rows are able to stretch down 2 cells of rows.

The use of the code for irregular cells can be mixed in with almost any table. The primary use for it is to prevent cells with duplicate content in a cleaner format. The merged cells can be used anywhere in the table, although this example only uses them in the leading columns, and heading row. To merge any other cell, simply place the rowspan or colspan code and number of cells to merge before the leading slash | of the entry.

Smash Bros." Series' inclusion of other popular series' media
Game Series Character Item
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Barrel
Diddy Coconut Shooter
Kirby Kirby Legendary Dragoon
Meta Knight Warp Star
Mario Mario Fire Flower
Peach Mushroom
Pokèmon JigglyPuff Poké Ball
Pikachu Pokédex
The Legend of Zelda Link Bunny Hood
Zelda Deku Nut

Column Formatted Lists

Column Formatted Lists are one of the many solutions to long lists that needlessly extend pages. The wasted space on the right hand side of the list is generally an eyesore.

One of the more complex tables, The widths are variables to be set. A mere copy/paste of the table is seldom the final edit; but is the easiest way to start one-and even recommended to curb Excedrin use. The main issue to expect is with the width %. Simple math may be needed to divide the columns evenly for two, use pairs of 50%; for four, use 25% and so on, dividing 100% of the area by the number of columns desired. The total of 100% will only apply to the total of the chosen field. To change the actual table size, the first set of width variables will apply to the entire table in respect to the area of the page.

  • Note: Using fluid width selections, such as percents of the area, rather than set pixel widths, ensures compatibility with various browsers and screen resolutions.
Nintendo Consoles Nintendo Handhelds Other Devices by Nintendo
  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Super Nintendo
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo GameCube
  • Wii
  • Famicom Disk System
  • Satellaview
  • 64DD
  • WiiWare
  • Virtual Console

  • GameBoy
  • GameBoy Color
  • GameBoy Advance
  • GameBoy Advance Micro
  • GameBoy Advance SP
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DSLite
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Nintendo DSiXL
  • Nintendo 3DS

  • e-Reader
  • Game & Watch
  • Virtual Boy
  • DSiWare
  • Arcade Machines
  • Accessories
  • Bongos
  • Wii Zapper
  • Pokéwalker


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