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WiKirby:Category policy

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Categories are essential for organizing content on a wiki. The correct use of categories allows readers and editors alike to quickly find related material pertaining to certain subject matter. The following outlines WiKirby's category policy.


All articles, files, templates, and even other categories must belong to at least one category. Categories should be appropriate to the subject matter. Ideally, a page will have all category links as appropriate, which may result in dozens of links on some pages. A list of all categories can be found in the main category hub.

Where to place categories

Unless the editor wishes to directly link to a category page without adding the linking article to the category, all category links must be placed at the very bottom of the page, below all other text and code.

What order should category links be placed in

There is no hard rule for most types of categories, but whenever specific game categories are involved, they should be ordered in the games' chronological order of release. To find this order, go to the Kirby series page or consult the games navbox.

Useful links

If an editor is feeling particularly brave, they can use the following links to search for and correct any uncategorized pages: