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WiKirby:Trivia policy

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WiKirby loves trivia. It helps provide the readers with special factoids about subjects that they can share with their friends after reading them. However, WiKirby has noticed that some other wikis tend to allow their trivia sections to balloon into gargantuan beasts which sometimes take up more than a full screen. When this happens, trivia becomes anything but trivial. As such, the following is WiKirby's trivia policy.

Where in the article?

Main article: WiKirby:Layout policy

Trivia sections are to be placed first in the line of trailing sections, after the main body of the article is completed. They should come before any other utility sections, such as galleries, "names in other languages" tables, references, or navboxes. That way, the text sections of an article may stick together as best as possible.

How to format?

Trivia sections should consist solely of bulleted statements that can be read and interpreted separately. The only other things that may be added to trivia sections are contained files with captions, but these should not clutter the section. Typically one image will do for any given section.

How much is too much?

Trivia sections should not exceed 5 primary bulleted statements, and should not exceed 10 overall statements (including sub-bulleted statements). If any trivia section exceeds this amount, excess statements should be taken out and incorporated into the main body of the article, either in existing sections or in a new section. If for some reason this cannot be done, excess statements could also be donated to the "Did you know that..." widget on the main page if appropriate.