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Disambiguation pages are useful when a lot of articles bear similar names or cover similar subject matter. They are counted as regular articles, but primarily serve the purpose of directing readers to other more specific pages. They can be thought of as Redirects with more than one direction.

When to make a disambiguation page

A disambiguation page should be made under the following circumstances:

How to make a disambiguation page

To make a disambiguation page, start by creating a new article with the desired name. At the top of the page, add the template {{disambig}}. From there, write a statement such as "The term (insert article title here) could refer to the following:" and follow with a bulleted list of articles to direct the reader to, along with brief descriptions of the subjects in question. Article titles listed should be formatted in bold.

Disambiguation pages are not as strict with formatting as redirects are, and as such, some liberty can be taken with the format. However, all disambiguation pages should function roughly the same way.

Notes regarding disambiguation pages

Generally speaking, disambiguation pages should not be linked to in article text. The only exception to this rule is if it is linked from an {{about}} template at the top of a page, or if the subject matter of the article otherwise calls for such a link.

Additionally, there are some standards regarding how disambiguation pages should be named. For full details, see the Naming policy page.

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