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On WiKirby a stub is any article or section that is not presently under construction and does not adequately cover the subject in question. Stubs are never a good thing to have on a wiki, but they are practically inevitable when new editors with little experience attempt to cover a topic.

Identifying a stub

Stubs are typically pages or sections that are not used for disambiguation and consist of less than 500 letters (or bytes) worth of information. Sometimes sections in much larger pages will tend to be short like this, and not be considered stubs due to the fact that most of the essential information a reader might expect is covered in more detail by the rest of the article. If there are relatively few sections, however, this is a fairly decent implication that the page is a stub, and could use more detail. Articles can also be otherwise very long and detailed, but contain sections which are woefully inadequate. These can be labeled stubs as well.

To label an article or section as a stub, use the {{stub}} template at the beginning of the appropriate section. Optionally, a pipe can be used within the template to insert a comment about what information in particular is missing.

Difference between stubs and articles under construction

If an editor is working on an article and needs several edits over time to finish the project, they should label the article or section using the {{construction}} template. This will let other editors and readers know that the article or section is presently being worked on. If an editor spots a construction template for a section that has not been altered for more than two weeks, they should change it to a stub template or finish the work that was done.

Stub articles

If an entire article is deemed to be a stub, it can become a candidate for deletion. Articles that are very short in length and cannot presently be expanded should generally be deleted unless they contain unique information that cannot be expressed elsewhere in the wiki.